The technology that worries machine industry progresses

  • Grind engine system to basically grind efficiency and life in order to raise pink to be a target, how to reduce grind inside steel ball slippage is right of scaleboard wear away, the effect is distinct, improve life 30% above. Limited company of SBM heavy machinery (China heavy) go up oneself 90 time end begins the century put into production grinds machine product, development has had 30 one's remaining years up to now, grind machine arrive from small-sized date the ceaseless development of large number, of all sorts of norms model ceaseless and perfect, grind machine technology level to rise ceaselessly, significant technical progress was obtained in worrying machine industry, major effect was produced in mine, steelworks, bring distinct benefit for national economy. In recent years, economy of our country countryman maintains high-speed development all the time, ground machine industry to offer tremendous business chance to our country, firm of SBM serious chance catchs metalloid mine, building materials, chemical industry, coal traffic, light industrial wait for an industry, rise grind machine in the market have rate. Of SBM serious chance grind machine product with energy-saving decrease control of simple and bad news, practical, safe, automation to be a target. On prospective development the requirement grinds the transmission system of machine, system that prop up, abrade system, lubricant system, control system and support system safer, more reliable, more convenient for the target. The contrast in SBM serious chance and course of study of person of the same trade has one to have grind the patent technology of machine oneself, compare with posture of industry of person of the same trade so, have an advantage more.