The method of two kinds of treatment of crusher of SBM gnathic type

  • The gnathic type crusher that SBM produces is in at present domestic and international sales volume is very considerable, of environment of base area region need not, it basically has —— of means of two kinds of treatment in the job dry type is broken and wet and broken, in how many of two kinds of broken methods, the introduction parts with respect to these two kinds of means below:
    1, dry type is broken: The water content of broken stock is in crusher of type of another name for Hubei province 4% the following person broken become dry form broken, its are advertent and the following characteristic:
    (1) undertakes broken when, need to install dust catcher equipment, avoid dust to fly upwards, reach environmental protection energy-saving produce.
    (The stock that 2) deals with and its commodity are as dry as a chip.
    (3) is undertaking to stock fine when grinding, the hardness of basis stock is different, the power of crocus also is having surplus ceaselessly.
    (4) products is fine grain from grinder eduction when, enter pink of goods tornado collect along with air current implement, be in charge of eduction via giving pink.
    (5) surmounts certain amount when stock water content when, grain cohere, destroy power to drop.
    2, wet destroy: The water content of stock be destructived surmounts 50% above, and have the destruction of fluidity call wet destroy, its characteristic is:
    (1) operates the spot to reduce the happening of dust, can inspect environmental pollution to spend increase remove dust equipment.
    (2) grain classifications relatively brief.
    (3) stock is hydrous class status is high, abrade production value is low, form stock simply to agglomerate the phenomenon of a makings.
    Above destroys a method two kinds to produce in crusher of type of another name for Hubei province in using a process, each have advantages and disadvantages, but commonly used still is dry type molar, wet and molar water content is big or water content exceeds bid, can form commodity only low, and even form crusher equipment defect, all sorts of ore stock are so molar use dry formula more normally broken.