Stone crusher is opening a few gist when mechanic is made to nod

  • Between mine industry, the scope of application of stone crusher is to have add without decrease, its use efficiency also is more and more frequent. When we are operating this aircraft, during production, must make the note of fine installation. Before operating facility, should assuring is to be in no load premise to fall, the equipment that start, should make sure equipment runs for nothing continuously after half an hour, qingdao casts ball machine to wait for as good as constant hind, just can cast to its makings. Forbidden crusher has not been started add stock first, want to avoid equipment excess load to move.
    If be operated by accident,take makings system, make stock enters what did not start to smash inside antrum when, we must want to clear first after broken antrum later, the machine that throw ball just can start facility. Otherwise, so, electric machinery of burn down of very possible meeting, even, what can affect stone crusher is normal move. Must want to assure to feed the uniformity of makings and successional. Feed when makings, prohibit ignore much ignore little, want safeguard to distributing stock equably of the working section in rotor go up endlong. Want to make sure those who feed makings granuality is even, cannot exceed the size of makings norms.
    Want to had avoided big stock, perhaps be not broken stock to enter broken antrum inside, otherwise, prosperous arrow crape myrtle will be right the broken antrum of equipment causes serious damage. If stock too stick wet word, should seasonable clear the stock of mural place felt inside airframe, here, during we suggest to use stone crusher to produce, of removed can use makings doing broken bits to erode to its. Want those who assure bearing to rise lukewarm situation, temperature should be in inside the limits at 35 Celsius, highest temperature must not exceed 70 Celsius to control.

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