SBM research and development goes out rare oil-lubricated scroll bearing drives ball mill industry to march toward new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position

  • The scroll axis of ball mill lubricates in the future the key that the problem is client place attention all the time, so research and development gives my company recently with rare oil-lubricated scroll bearing new technology, brought advantage to the client, get the client's reliance, below the technology of new-style scroll bearing that I introduce my company research and development simply to everybody:
    Grinding the equipment with the most significant in preparation of aerocrete raw material opportunity is ball mill, he is used at lime, gesso, arenaceous, the pink of the stock such as scoria is ground. Stock is ground through pink only and undertake mixture interaction adequately to the ability after the requirement is fineness, ability makes goods achieves intensity, pink is ground is the important program in aerocrete production, pink grinds process power consumption big, ball mill is the facility with the largest size of the electric machinery in aerocrete factory commonly.
    Current, small-sized ball mill uses bearing of medium diameter scroll commonly the bearing of this bearing great majority is used dry oil-lubricated but cannot observe oil level in time as a result of handlers and oiling labour, cannot complement in time grease causes grease to cannot make clear report in time to appear thereby in the load inside bearing box bearing is short of oil to cause bearing service life to shorten can cause bearing damage even, to bearing use manufacturer brings inconvenience and pecuniary loss to solve this one problem.
    My company excogitated to use recently rare oil-lubricated scroll bearing this kind of new hollow axis and form of scroll bearing installation mix new technology method, be the progress on the foundation that installs a method so and rise. This kind of new rare and lubricant bearing, the good and lubricant crucial bearing to assuring bearing below by two oily room is mixed composition of room of water of a loop, the height of thin fat fat face of every oily room can be in the internal diameter position of bearing, the bottom plane of oily room can come the motherboard of oily room. The 1/3 bulk of scroll bearing immerses in rare oily oily room, what assured scroll bearing thereby is good and lubricant. Of two oily rooms among set cooling loop water to cover put oneself in another's position, cooling water is met the temperature that suits oily lukewarm refrigeration to bearing. Such settings, can assure the demand with lubricant bearing, do not need to use peripheral the complex establishment such as lubricant station, also need not install lukewarm charge unit, can achieve safe moving user to buying bearing to grind or should be transformed to headstock of small-sized ball mill for scroll bearing, the installation method that should ask ball mill takes protruding table when hollow axis and scroll bearing installation and rare oil-lubricated bearing, this is to make sure small-sized henceforth ball mill is good the requirement that run.
    After so SBM mine was surveying a lot of clients, research and development new-style bearing is ground, the hope is brought to the client convenient! SBM mine major produces crusher, ball mill, mineral separation equipment, make arenaceous machine wait, hope broad new old client not misses good opportunity, the company will visit a choose and buy before! Holding activity of guest of privilege big fulfil recently, our faculty is cordial the visiting visit that welcomes you!
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