The enterprise has level of advanced research and development again will energy-saving decrease platoon and resource loop to use perforative in whole production process

  • The enterprise has level of advanced research and development again will energy-saving decrease platoon and resource loop to use perforative in whole production process

    Energetically the crusher of new-style jaw type of efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection made research and development the key of research and development of a lot of crusher enterprises. Crusher makes an enterprise want the workmanship proceed with from hoist, increase the strength that research and development of science and technology and technology update, wash out stale to machine equipment and craft, ceaseless absorption also answers to digest domestic and international advanced production technology in the meantime, the advanced technique that develops a design to make place application mainly and digitlization machine craft, use advanced science and technology to detect the quality that the method improves crusher from fountainhead, the design that lets Chinese crusher, production technology rises to a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. At present the crusher product quality of our country still has very large promotion space, still job of a lot of foundations needs to do. Resource and environmental problem had made the focal point that the whole world pays close attention to, how resource conservation and protective environment became the main problem that puzzles each country, future, if cannot come true,the harmony of resource, environment, economy can develop the development of society of inevitable meeting block up and progress continuously. Environment of resource conservation, protection is not national responsibility only, should be the responsibility of whole society more. So, how is crusher industry to take on of the responsibility that has a society? The enterprise has the product with existing deep ploughing only, improve the integral quality of the product, upgrade in dependability and technology the respect makes great efforts. We know, gnathic type crusher is a kind of the oldest breaking equipment, also be a kind of the most commonly used breaking equipment at the same time. It is used in the exploitation treatment of mineral products resource, the effect with be shown increasingly main in the domain such as railway of concrete arenaceous stone, chemical industry, highway and infrastructure construction. Some closer year, the country recommends the way that the circular economy of low carbon environmental protection grows energetically, a lot of crusher enterprises begin direction of change research and development, roll out the crusher of new-style jaw type of energy-saving environmental protection ceaselessly, in order to satisfy the requirement of the market. The emerge in large numbers with the continual crusher of new-style jaw type of low carbon environmental protection, continued to promote the rapid development of national economy not only, to resource conservation, protection the environment also came into being very principal port. Want to set out from efficient, environmental protection, energy-saving angle, emphasize development efficient low cost product, energy-saving the main index that decreasing a platoon will be prospective crusher, because the participator of this crusher industry wants to establish this one concept, crusher fixed position is in efficient on the foundation of low cost, the window that is a development, be sure to bring considerable and rich and generous benefit point of growth, the leading sheep of next crusher product is sure is to use new energy resources to make dynamic burgeoning equipment. Also should consider crusher to be opposite in exercise process at the same time here environment and the harm that personnel safety causes, the key solves noise, the crucial technology that shake and removes dust, improve the safety performance of equipment, pair of environment pollution and harm of construction work staff fall lowest, product " it is with the person this " the important level that also is product of choice of a person that be used. Use development of technology of existing science and technology, development gets used to engineering construction and the modern product that mine extracts, the palm accuses forward position science and technology, if will banner technology is small accuse technology, remote control technology, sound to accuse technology, light to accuse technology, radar to measure accuse the application such as technology, electromagnetism technology, sensor technology and technology of satellitic remote sensing to be on mechanical equipment, make Chinese crusher casts off foolish, big, thick situation. China makes an enterprise answer bold change direction to develop to long-range control and nobody, the market that sees heavy machinery below one round from the development angle of heavy machinery of the whole world competes, the wrestle that will be a new and high technology is killed, who is occupational who will become this commanding elevation the Wang Zhe of this war. Have right because of what the research and development of this crusher takes new and high technology seriously even with production enterprise, master the patent of new technology, new product in from already in the hand. The enterprise should have level of advanced research and development and manufacturing technology, will energy-saving decrease platoon and resource loop to use perforative in whole production process. Manufacture the green breaking equipment of energy-saving, environmental protection hard, make the industry such as mine, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials accelerate implementation to be able to develop the change of means continuously, only all trades and professions is participated in come in, the implementation with very good ability is energy-saving with environmental protection. The new-style equipment that crusher industry produces is used at resource by immediate application and environmental protection domain, its meaning is very far-reaching.

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