SBM teachs you how to safeguard conic crusher (on)

  • SBM teachs you how to safeguard conic crusher (on)

    The conic crusher of SBM equipment applies to all sorts of ore of hardness of broken and medium above and rock, have a structure reliable, manufacturing efficiency is tall, adjust convenient, the characteristic such as use economy, system of its bedspring insurance is overload protector, can make eyewinker iron piece pass broken antrum and do not endanger a machine, use dry oil or water two kinds of sealed forms, make stone pink and lube are kept apart, assure reliable, broken speech type is decided by ore utility, standard type is applied to in broken; Medium-sized apply to finely; Short head dummy applies to degree of finish to break.

    The note when 1. conic crusher works:

    (1) ore must give allocating dish among, do not allow give broken speech ore directly inside. Because such doing,make easily crusher overload, make scaleboard wears away not all.

    True condition giving mine is:

    A ore classics allocates dish even it is dispersedly inside broken antrum.

    The ore that B gives cannot the level of wall of joint of bones of tower above make friends

    (The largest size giving mine of 2) crusher, forbid to be equal to mine mouth dimension, (Give mine piece ≤ of the largest size dimension of 85% mouth giving mine) will guide otherwise to:

    Of A crusher crop reduce.

    B crusher is certain additional attaint.

    (3) crusher forbids bear to start, bear starts to be able to cause an accident surely.

    (When 4) jockeys, must stop mine machine first, the ore that lets already entered broken antrum is broken after eduction, make crusher jockeys.

    (The pressure that locking system often should examine when 5) crusher works and the working circumstance that hydraulic pressure stands, discover the problem is handled in time.

    2. The crop of crusher

    The crop of crusher, with to stuff kind, spend to makings piece, the physical machinery function that discharges mine piece to spend size, ore, temperature about, span is very big, the manufactory is given crop is carry an amount roughly in what designation condition falls.

    3. Of wall of make friends joint of bones change

    Wall of make friends joint of bones has U form bolt adjusting annulus to go up, both between infuse zinc alloy, made close together union, new setup or change when wall of make friends joint of bones, after working 6-8 hour, should check its to tighten firm condition, screw again U form bolt.

    4. Of conic and broken wall change

    Conic and broken wall is to use conic head to secure what go up in conic body, mould has zincic alloy between both, new setup or new after hour of changing 6-8 of job of conic and broken wall, should check its to tighten firm condition, discovery becomes loose should originally closely instantly.

    5. Gear clench the teeth

    Because grind,make circle board wears away, affected the change of gear clearance, fill to make sure the normal clench the teeth of gear must be on bottom lid add spacer, the ply of its spacer should be equal to the wear extent of circle board.