SBM equipment is analytic the difference of domestic and international crusher

  • SBM equipment is analytic the difference of domestic and international crusher

    Be in our country main and current these 3 kinds of crusher, the first kind is the crusher that domestic him person makes; The 2nd kind is the crusher that abroad is imported or uses foreign technology completely to make; The 3rd kind is the crusher that the research abroad technology that is a delegate with SBM crusher and domestic technology have design and research and development alone.
    3 kinds of crusher have above each each actor defect, by SBM equipment explains the actor weakness of 3 kinds of crusher for you below, the understanding that makes you better 3 kinds of crusher. Let you can make superior choice well and truly quickly in time of crusher of choose and buy.
    The crusher that him person of the first kind of home makes: In our country this develops period quickly nowadays, people rises continuously to the demand of crusher, because of the crusher that this home people on one's own side makes, technical level can taller, environment pollutes low, bad news relatively serious, but rate of birth of price low crusher is rapidder. Home market demand is big nowadays, because this is pulled,used the development of domestic crusher.
    The 2nd kind is the crusher that abroad imports or has production completely through foreign advanced technique: Foreign crusher development is earlier, owner develops the history for a long time, in long-term development the technology promotes ceaselessly, make foreign crusher broken ability strong, quality degree of taller, automation degree of taller, environmental protection is advanced, but same price is very more than domestic crusher altitude. The sale status pressure of foreign crusher manufacturer is enormous, abroad rises gradually to the requirement of crusher, make foreign crusher manufacturer changes the market to home.
    The 3rd combines domestic and international advanced technique to undertake designing crusher that heads with SBM equipment; Like SBM equipment such crusher manufacturer studies for a long time domestic and international advanced technique, the basis has the design of crusher and production according to joining our country real case next, make the crusher of SBM equipment accords with home market the demand to crusher, own larger share in home market thereby.
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