The production that river sand produces broken system to be used at different equipment and mechanism expand demand arenaceously

  • Produce the progress of treatment as whole river sand, be to be satisfied at all sorts of differring to make arenaceous demand not just to the development of crusher, the respect waits in the protection that manufactures environment of cost opposite state, in the light of make the main equipment such as arenaceous machine, screening machine, present a diversification, sort all ready, regard appropriative river as sanded breaking equipment, the concussion crusher of emerge as the times require, strike back efficient make the equipment such as arenaceous machine, the appropriative in making river sand and hill stone makes arenaceous equipment.
    River sand is machined, as a result of river pebble at common stone different, the hardness of some stone achieved 7 class above, to the treatment with river super pebble, and the fragile and durable ability such as peen is best, will choose the equipment with good quality in the different character such as the size that gives sand of finished product river, compressive strength, in environmental protection and energy-saving respect it is a few what need an attention when choosing crusher.
    Existing river sand produces broken system, main facility includes: Feeder, jaw is broken, make the composition such as arenaceous machine, vibrating separator, make arenaceous machine can undertake according to different raw material different equipment undertakes machining, be like: Strong checkmate, strike back efficient make arenaceous machine, hammer into shape broken, make the different hardness stone such as arenaceous machine undertake machine and be manufacturinged, undertake in construction of freeway, bridge, high level equipment uses concussion type to make arenaceous machine ceaselessly at present, broken the mechanism arenaceous size that give is complete, hardness is strong, after combining each equipment to undertake compositive finishing, won't destroy the hardness in finished product sand, also won't produce break.
    Making arenaceous machine is the most principal production facilities in system of production of whole river sand, the efficient and broken unit of repass interior, the wallop that in-house high speed produces, have stock fast broken with treatment, through vibrating separator again will broken good mechanism is arenaceous have size classification, improve the treatment of whole equipment and productivity.