Floatation law

  • Floatation law
    Floatation law is to use the physico-chemical property difference of mineral surface to choose the course that fastens mineral grain, old weigh pelagian mineral separation, it is the mineral separation method with the widest application. Almost all ore are usable floatation is grading. The vulcanization such as the mine that be like gold, silver-colored mine, galena, blende, chalcopyrite, chalcocite, molybdenite, pentlandite is mineral, the oxidation such as mineral, uranium chooses picrite of mine of mine of malachite, white lead, smithsonite, different pole and hematite, cassiterite, wolframite, ilmenite, beryl, lithium and rare-earth metal minerally not. Black lead, brimstone, diamond, quartz, micaceous, feldspar metalloid mineral reach the metalloid salt such as fluorite, apatite, barite with content of siliceous salt mine kind mineral wait for solubility salt with sylvite, halite kind choose minerally not. The another main use of floatation is the ash content in reducing granule coal and take off from inside coal except granule sulfur iron ore. The production target of floatation and equipment efficiency all taller, anthology fasten vulcanization ore to reclaim rate in 90 % above, concentrate grade is approachable pure mineral academic grade. Handle much metal accrete with floatation mineral, wait for ore of much metal mine from copper, lead, zinc for example in dissociable a variety of concentrate such as a copper, lead, zinc and sulfur iron ore, and can get very tall anthology fasten index.
    Surface of mineral grain oneself has hydrophoby or enhance hydrophoby via floatation drug action. Scanty water is lipophilic with close gas, can be in fluid, gas or water, oily interface happens gather. The golden mine bead after be being handled through a series of craft although density can be mixed with bleb however greatly floatation agent closes in person and be chosen at float by float the mine fluid surface of machine, will reclaim as bubble product. This is current commonly used a kind of method at gold floatation. It is comfortable fasten 0.5mm at choosing the golden mine bead to 10um. When selected mine bead is less than L0um need uses special floatation method. Commonly used useful garrulous coagulates the agent makes granule gold or contain gold mineral garrulous coagulates bigger grain, after emergence gangue fine mud again float goes thick bead gangue, this is garrulous coagulates, floatation. Load body floatation is the mine bead that with granuality comfortable Yu Fu chooses the carrier that make carry on one's shoulder, make conglutinate of imperceptible bead gold carries substance appearance to become golden concentrate along with rise at carry on one's shoulder. With oil kind make fine mine bead reunites the oil that has floatation reunites floatation and emulsification floatation.