SBM mine machine: Ball mill sends past Hubei deliver goods the spot

  • Machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine sent the ball mill toward Hubei on October 25, 2011, this ball mill is belonged to short grind machine, the biggest characteristic is energy-saving, those who be used at former iron ore is abrade.
    The ball mill that limited company of limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mine produces basically is divided for cement ball mill, overflow ball mill, rod mill 3 kinds, these 3 kinds of model are us advocate hit ball mill, avery kind of has his distinctive use, specific details looks please below the operation detail of 3 kinds of ball mill and product notice:
    Cement ball mill; The promotion with some grate and because its are special indoor sector fights existence, came true to force type low-levelly to discharge mine, already the mine bead of mill can be seasonable eduction, eligible already particle will not have stayed in ball mill long, reason smashs too the phenomenon is light, the rate that grind mine is rapid, efficiency is tall. Overflow ball mill: Should grinding machine platoon mine is to because the platoon expects,rely on to carry hollow axis diameter to be more than makings end a bit hollow axis diameter, cause the ore pulp inside ball mill to face a platoon to expect end has certain inclination. When prep above of height of ore pulp face the platoon expects when generatrix of lowest of buccal internal diameter, ore pulp overflow eduction is ground machine. The expensive stuff that this dispute forces platoon mine, the platoon expects rate is slow, reason mine expects inside machine detention time grows, the significant action of medium is inferior also, accordingly overflow ball mill is ground too serious, the grid that treating capacity also compares similar standards low. Apply to commonly fine grind or two paragraphs in grinding mine the 2nd paragraph grinds mine. Rod mill: The medium inside rod mill is steel bar, after reason level falls, expect with mine face line contact, have smash optionally action, go to small from chunk by granuality namely ordinal smash, grind too accordingly light, granuality of the child that grind mine is even, agree with kibble or requirement grind mineral products content to smash too small reelect plant.
    Mineral separation equipment- - the ore of exploitation is undertaken by gnathic type crusher first preliminary and broken, be in broken to reasonable and fineness hind by promotion machine, machine giving mine sends ball mill equably, undertake smashing to ore by ball mill, abrade. The ore fines that develops through ball mill enters below one process: Classification. The proportion of grain of solid of helix grader have the aid of differs and be in the liquid often the principle with different speed, undertake classificationing to ore mixture.