Facilities of quartz arenaceous production, craft of quartz arenaceous pickling, choose quartz mine equipment

  • The complete set that limited company of machinery of Henan SBM mine produces makes equipment of quartz arenaceous product line, provide overall technical support for you, this product line has direct type of crusher of oscillatory feeder, gnathic type, TCL centrifugal crusher (make arenaceous machine) , the equipment such as transmission machine of vibrating separator and adhesive plaster is combined and become. According to diverse craft demand, the equipment of all sorts of model undertakes assorted, satisfy different technology requirement of the client.

    One, primary technological process introduces quartz arenaceous product line

    Above all, stone is undertaken by thick broken machine preliminary and broken, next, the thick material that produces is carried by rubber belt conveyor undertake to finely machine farther broken, finely the stone after gives two kinds of cobble into vibrating separator screening, satisfy the cobble that makes arenaceous machine take makings size to enter make arenaceous mechanism arenaceous, another part is returned makings into fine broken.

    Into the cobble that makes arenaceous machine one part is made arenaceous, via washing arenaceous machine (optional) finished product is made after cleaning arenaceous, another part is entered make arenaceous machine again broken.

    2, function of quartz arenaceous product line introduces

    Rate of automation of this quartz arenaceous product line is high, moving cost is low, broken rate is high, energy-saving, crop is big, pollution is little, maintenance is simple, the mechanism that production gives is arenaceous accord with a country to build arenaceous standard, granuality is even, bead look is good, grading is reasonable.