SBM mine machine: Seek Shenzhen to build rubbish to treat new approach

  • Increase as what the city tears open change strength, total national capital produces many building rubbish, and the building litter that Shenzhen city adds newly every year is close to 10 million tons. Face the grim challenge of ” of “ rubbish encircle a city, shenzhen city is given priority to through governmental guiding, enterprise, the market is run wait for means, exploration gave an industrialization to treat the new approach that builds rubbish, group of Shenzhen Hua Wei builds rubbish to handle equipment through introducing the movable type of machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine, platoon and loop are decreased to used two respects to obtain in trash double win.
    In Shenzhen pond Lang Shan builds litter to fill bury, you can see first class of coagulation clod, cullet, sodden wood builds litter accumulation to be like hill, the building rubbish of SBM mine machine handles equipment to working over. Walk into the spot, you can see, a few large grab are sending movable type these building rubbish in the mouth of broken station, through machinery and artificial sorting, these building rubbish are smashed, after adding certain raw material, can squelch production gives the building materials product such as brick of block, causeway, lattice brick, whole process came true full automatic production. Actually, machine “ eats what ” goes in is building rubbish, and “ spits what ” comes out is building materials of second birth environmental protection, change rate achieve 95 % .
    The personnel after SBM mine machine makes work says, building rubbish machines craft to produce manufacturing second birth building materials through 17, no matter be being fought,press, fight fold, the respect Dou Youming such as heat insolation shows an advantage. On the price, these second birth building materials also have very strong competition ability. This is YPS200 mobile and broken station, day is produced (24 hours) near 10 thousand tons, can handle Shenzhen daily the 1/3 that adds building rubbish newly, produce per year avoid burn material of body of new-style building wall 1.5 million stere, second birth concrete and commodity mortar 500 thousand stere. This can save the agrarian region that destroys because of baking bricks to accumulate more than mus 600, spare building litter is filled bury pile up with the ground more than mus 100, economic coal 60 thousand tons, reduce 2 oxidation sulfur to discharge 900 tons, and still save many building litter every year to handle cost for the government.
    Building litter reclaims use a system to change, industrialization, big thrust works into construction division material, it is the inevitable tendency that bldg. can develop continuously. Reclaim those who build litter only use a content that regards development as circular economy, build a business management, government to supervise, the fair competition platform that law ensures, the collection that will build litter, sorting, reclaim, store carry, processing, second birth is used, the product is managed wait for unifinication, form an industry chain, just be the efficient way that litter of true implementation building becomes useless to be treasure.
    The movable type of research and development of SBM mine machine builds rubbish to handle equipment, with first are applied successfully in Kunming 2008 hind, huge economy effect and social effect were caused in place. Subsequently, wait for city of domestic a gleam of to be applied successfully in Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi'an again, this machines and tools has mobile good, economy maneuverability is good, good wait for a characteristic. Got used to the need that the society admits, already can managing land, can protect urban environment again, still can become useless to be treasure, use circularly, it may be said is one arrow of “ 3 carve ” .