The crusher safety problem that nots allow to ignore

  • Crusher is already popular very long, but he always lasts long, end crusher still is applied extensively now in mine, metallurgy, build the first product line that waits for an industry, but in fervent development backside, ignored the safety to mechanical equipment oneself to operate the attention of the problem however. Be in our country some closer year in the accident that a few mechanical equipment cause, it is factitious operation more undeserved cause. Because the safe operation of equipment was disobeyed in specific unit process of cargo bandling, make equipment hidden trouble soars, cause the happening of the accident inevitably thereby. In show level, each mine machinery equipment make an enterprise want to produce the product with excellent quality not only, still need to offer corresponding equipment to operate a technology to groom to broad user together wait for the job, should make equipment operation personnel strict according to the operation flow works, with the reduces an accident happening of utmost. SBM mechanical limited company is production company of a large and broken mechanical equipment, producing high quality product while personnel meets the technology wait for detailed product facility operation method and note to communicate a client one by one, make a client OK and complete the character of witting product and operation skill, make thereby of equipment move normally. Accurate operation method and maintain means just won't lead to the tragedy that can avert, mine machine technology is developing all the time, in recent years particularly fast, it is mechanical equipment in relatively banner. The extensive form that the crusher industry nowadays had taken to rely on cheap labor dominant position and sacrificial environment to be cost develops level, SBM machinery adopts international standard and technical requirement, quality requirement is slashing, and volume is huge, quality is excellent, the weight of crusher of gnathic type of general PE series controls in 4 tons, and if want a complete set equipment to match neat word entirely, gross weight can achieve 6 tons many. Crusher used newest computer automation technology, can operating indoor installation computer to control system and screen to show a system, by the computer malfunction of centralized control equipment is diagnosed, automatic fixed position, saved cost of one major labor power. Limited company of heavy-duty and mechanical equipment basically produces SBM efficient strike back type crusher hammer type crusher is reversible strike back type crusher strikes back type stone crusher strikes back Shuang Gun crusher is opposite crusher roller crusher is opposite tine roller crusher crusher of wolf's fang of roller type crusher is gnathic type crusher is conic crusher, SBM welcomes you looking around to the factory or the phone seeks advice; + 86-21-58386189, 58386176, address: Developing zones of 27 economy of area horse stockaded village start a market together 18 (Zlq)