Broken transition period reality is comprehended -- the novel studies Bi Feiyu

  • Author writing research is broken: The reality of transition period is comprehended commendable is, as the times that changes at quickness in individual, face numerous and complicated mixed worldly view and by mandatory have the complex fact that blocks up together, can hold those amlposition clearly, by accident of buy, uncared-for actual link, hair disinter among them significant, can offerring the essence that draw lessons from is Bi Feiyu novel is essential appeal to beg. In a lot of delegates current the literary world is highest those who create a standard is medium the resource that there is Chinese traditional culture not only in the brains of young writers is more shirt-sleeve all sorts of brand-new speech of current west popularity, the imagination that rich academic base makes them capable to stand in global culture already happened to China on height or change gives occurrent history to overall outlook is illuminated and hold strongly. Bi Feiyu has representative a member quite among them just about. The text of Bi Feiyu of make a comprehensive view, have quite significant one share instantly of focusing of work general perspective, in paying close attention to the special history period in Chinese transition, live as what all living things of social main body differs circumstances and psychosis, presented a modernization to live for us the float world draw of setting.

    One, culture sluggish is poor: Conflict and collision the reality that we must face up to is, the transition of culture spreads out without the transition synchronism with social level. The reason of this one reality, outside the Piao backbone besides oneself of type of Chinese traditional article and stubborn , closely related the historical environment of transition of as modern as China still society. Chinese society is in establish target of contemporary F an ancient type of spoon when, what what it faces is modernistic had been unquestionable value no longer indicative and only then F disrelishs entity. And the immediate result of a path between fields of such one T history is, the T that cannot form a kind to prop up contemporary Cheng in Chinese society strands the dominant article god of one. If use artful word to describe the culture prospect of the Chinese reality of this one period, so the exactest is: Unprecedented article T conflicts and collide. In culture philosopher I' looks, take the place of as Chinese company Guan model, civilization touchs the city that be proud to be gotten the better of now originally justice the culture pattern that culture mode place is replaced and becomes dominant in the people, however form blame is such, ought the modernistic article type after civilization of the traditional culture that condition of last a period of time appears, modern industry is mixed is in the China of transition period however society with Sun n in all the form of tense appears, affecting social life and individual life with different kind and strength. What different culture pattern squashs at the same time is daedal make the language that fashions a kind to unite magical for vogue early, also cannot get used to the transitional and serious lag of corporeal culture necessarily. Aogeben points out American scholar W*F: "If culture has two shares, long for changes to must be compared among them early, or bigger ' two parts do not make Wei Si matter formerly, arose maladjusted, the edge pays produced culture fall to be apart from. " X is accordingly in the make contemporary progress of Chinese world, overall is not faced tardy as the consciousness of historical task, however with a kind " the crisis " the form is run helplessly into the person, and culture lives as influence mankind the primary motivation of means is in necessarily different and individual in show intense conflict and collision.

    As humanist, even if,the writer always can hold a period with the insight of its acumen the finest wrestle that chant. Bi Feiyu's creation lets us know, close feeling of the person often drag in is worn he (she) circumstances, of the person yearning and for yearning and struggling process is a times is tragic. He lets us cherish the heart that Bei sorrows, look originally good thing is how by former the happiness first, chase after toughly hope the trend is cruel broken. He pointed to the brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy of dig the culture transition that 80 time begin last centuries directly period, the revealed the happiness such as ideal, the real situation feelings of open in the atmosphere that reality and culture hit experienced what kind of surge and the trend is final undone.

    In the article T mode that conflicts in each other, bi Feiyu noticed Chinese traditional culture is right of modern culture sluggish. The type of < of Chinese traditional article at agricultural civilization has stand one kind exceeds stability and tenacious vitality. In real life, on one hand the modern progressively trend of social level is thorough, the rational spirit of modernistic civilization and humanism culture are budding on the other hand did not weaken a tradition truly however naturalistic with empiricism culture the depth to the people and society is affected. This kind of traditional culture is reflected to the block sluggish of modern mind in two levels, it is agricultural civilization makes people lives for a long time in the natural economy that has not expand a socialization to be produced greatly firstly, the people that lives below condition of this kind of natural economy is recumbent one generation another generation the experience of follow a set routine is consuetudinary, in what close, move back and forth of the go round and round in the culture of autarky, loop. Any changing author writing considers to move, the innovation is sure to constitute intense contradictory conflict with original culture. Resemble " live in the sky " medium silkworm mother-in-law, be received by filial son the life in the city, from the feeling of the town that break the bridge, to her, "Cannot say is beaming still be ' of Gu chilly lonely and window of the car of indicative modern city culture, edifice, aluminium alloy door not only did not let silkworm produce natural span of life of take care of oneself install I definitely happy, instead out-of-the-way closes those who risk cold sweat to wait physiology and body a moment to go up is car, vomiting, unwell. All break what the sort of Bai Ran classics falls together to be proud the life, the unripe drop that city of contemporary gal life surmounted her completely weichis 1. Saying with its is unripe bury those who go up is unwell, be inferior to saying is the repulsion that goes up in culture W and dread make her exceeding and disturbed. In the sericiculture in 29 new era edifice, it is Bi Feiyu anything but of one W a kick in one's gallop, reflected two kinds of culture his clever conception to receiving just forcibly, be opposite this kind of comfortable culture the conflict of self-conscious culture and defy push to acme. Be in " elder brother two good " in, abundant graph north left enemy countryside to break bridge town to come to provincial capital, to urban culture cannot he produced photograph chest official country is strong, those who break is old bear the weight of curtilage of the life atmosphere with end familiar associate with do not abandon entirely disrelish love. Elevator of recursive reason layer " in, he sends the conflict on an ancient type of spoon of this kind of article contain to the body of two draw. Kitten Ye trailing plants and Bulaikeben belong to moor to belong to nature, to them, run, prey, equipment claw is life is the basiccest form, however the reinforced concrete of modern culture makes sanded ground clay can become bilge only, isolated sunshine blue sky, choose life in narrow environment, when they bilk the P that the type with living is replaced, also proclaimed their life power is stripped thoroughly.

    In novel of Bi Feiyu K, we can see, traditional culture " it is in order to go directional " the life that the feature dominates people from beginning to end and social activity. The transitional colourful on corporeal article face is coming the change of condition of the person giving birth to paste, in the culture atmosphere that collides in the conflict of inevitable generation, in live on individual body, those originally beautiful green feeling moved toward broken ending finally. The tradition of a will natural economy that shuts closely in silkworm mother-in-law back and modern industrial society cut off thoroughly, those placed silkworm mother-in-law all hopes, condensed her the silkworm of entire painstaking effort spat all silk, live in what law of its Piao '1 suits the pinch in the environment is graceful plunge into, but some bearing hide the truth from " the effort that £ blame inscribes a thing to wore a kind to make failure. The old house that fetch of north of graph letting abundant entangles the dream is pulled is resembled handling goods to sell euqally by the elder brother eventually, yan Tupeng does his best pair of dear ones that want reservation, right green Mian of capture of I of sweetheart, suitable countryside. With with Black angular with each passing day and same, the daughter's few and far between tooth, withered and yellow hair is those obtained a city to live the price that qualificatory people must pay, that is cannot the delicate in health from elite of the derive in nature, it is the natural energy that bird's nest of China turtle essence, pearl fills not to come back. Go up in the balcony as Black that breathtaking finally one K, return the childishness that the daughter has deep love for life, longing to be close to nature gonely together. Corn abandoned love be being married Guo Jiaxing, yu Yang got Wei Xiangdong's favor and credit with chastity Zou of the , they abandoned the position of proud self-love of the individual, although take the place of,knew live brand-newly law, be in however exchanged a few! See our advantage while, the 2nd level of the effect that there is traditional culture of China of make a present of of a minute of the best movie in life is reflected in it " the feature that has principle of more intense than G ethics creed or ethical center " . This kind of culture is right of humanitarian or human relation bask in 31- to cut, severe of no less than says: "Our if says, west is latter-day the society that the society is individual standard its show one flower beauty exemple; And the society that with West incline to is social standard recently its show one Russia exemple. S oh people ought to say China is one ' the society of ethical standard ' . " what the ethical concern that mentions here basically points to is free below agricultural civilization condition daily life principal part undertaking be based on relation of kin, patriarchal clan system and natural affective to interact daily. With contemporary reason the human nature in culture is changed, science changes photograph comparing, in tradition of the China on this one meaning the ethical relation of culture has very big negativity. In this kind of culture, the become divided of person and person does not have those who achieve reason to know consciousness oneself far, free and own modern mind is accepted hard. Novel of no less than " corn " medium corn 8 in relief sheep, regard the home as medium firstborn daughter, her behavior means more it is the responsibility that stems from a kind to be safeguarded to familial interest. This kind of responsibility had melted a kind of instinct is become in her blood. Her doing standardized form showed patrilineal parent to make what evolve and become with consanguineous the clan that is a foundation makes a system be in whole and traditional culture the decisive effect that have. Corn is active ground submit to the authority of another is planted at this program of relation of patriarchal clan system, ethics constant, secure oneself in this one natural over the certain position inside formation culture order. In the home, she makes all over the parent identity that skill establishs him, to maintain Home Wang the position in the village is mixed authority, the weight that had heavy Zhen Jiafeng is carried on her shoulder. Not only such, she returns self-conscious aggrandizement this one order, regard a kind of standard as requirement other among them ethics standard. Be in " Yu Xiu " in, show of little sister jade and Guo Zun love each other and conceived the child. Look in corn, the Guo Zun that age comparatives and jade show are however " nephew and maternal aunt " relation, their affection between two people is to rot absolutely, of ethical morality " the opposition of with bitter hatred of scandal ' corn stems from what watch to the morality that forms in traditional ethics culture to safeguard namely. In the society of such ethical standard give and accept of male and does not kiss " heart of ideal deep everybody, person and person, especially the association of man and woman still stays in the basiccest in the most original measure. If browbeat these ethical order, the close affection that free love is happiness even also should be strangled even by the depression. In " Bu breeds period woman " in, although, "Flourishing flourishing food " the commercial culture production of this kind of indicative modern culture has appeared in the town that break the bridge, but in the culture mode that people still lives in the tradition, every word and deed must accord with the requirement of traditional ethics. Flourishing flourishing of 7 years old sees the benefit elder brother's wife that is infantile lactation, bit to her breast actually. This movement although extreme, but the child that is a love that cannot get parents for a long time however is exceeding to the mother a kind of expression of longing. This behavior of year of young child not only did not get sympathetic author writing research and understanding however by whole the person of the town that break the bridge even flourishing flourishing father regards a kind as " do not learn from good examples " mean act. Although flourishing flourishing father learned to give grandchildren Mai Wangwang biscuit and snow cake in TV ad, however of the sort of true civilization, the culture that accords with human nature to expand a demand ever was not changed and shake his inherent barbaric consciousness.

    The deep that Bi Feiyu creates more in the critically dimension of text spends body now and suspecting fundamental key. His critically hit the point agrees Qing penetrated, disclosed this kind of inactive and backward comfortable traditional article mode of an ancient type of spoon destroys fraud of potential early in the morning.

    Be in " the spun sugar of wet " in, this kind of individual to life suppress ends with the ending of the twist of mutation life of human nature. The tragic destiny of ormosia depends on him originally should the life individual character that make public is protected and say to often live the comfortable culture of graphic representation and structural place self-identity and aggrandizement forms amlposition. In this powerful daily life society that lives in ormosia, people is dealt with with the thinking of a kind of repeatability and practice, the requirement restrains the social activity that is not daily life even. Showed Nancy charming be ashamed when the ormosia of man body, people even his parents cannot accept this kind to deviate from at all they say to often live the behavior means of quadrature.

    The ormosia of the wording and purpose of what one writes in Bi Feiyu is not an allergy person, no matter look from psychology or physiology meaning F healthy and normal person, the life that has self-existent sense as is individual, he is disparate should get originally at the individual nature of common man esteem and accept. However, the comfortable culture with traditional and daily powerful life is abyssal like brimless, make ormosia one step by step in the fall person fear, self-abased, mood from doubt, acedia gloomy Bei gloomy, lost ego thoroughly, can leave this world in age spirit division of 28 years old only. With " the spun sugar of wet " demand daily life into a path between fields from the abuse that exposes comfortable culture to already understood incomplete sneer human nature the perspective photograph of critically problem is consistent, " ancestor " the profundity that causes human mutation to the culture mode of traditional and daily life is critically and same the artistic effect that has spirit of shake popular feeling. Too glibly new tooth grew when grandmother is in 100 years old, the family in calm raised this issue in daily life Xuan Ran huge wave, a variety of guess the monstrous absurdity that puts doubt to make this surmounts experience of life becomes more weird swashbucklingly. The strong impact that this kind of numinous phenomenon brings to daily life let all people be immersed in exceeding panic, too the health of grandmother lets them sit simply stand to be installed hard. In children and grand children in the eye of Ceng Er grandson, she is amiable elder no longer more resemble enveloping in familial the bodeful haze in the sky. Confusing mad below the fear like, all filial piety justice, close affection is murdered to kill desire place to replace, eventually, unborn people with a kind of cruel means accord with daily life reason will too grandmother " killing " . In very grave narration, the brutal attack nature with the platoon heterogeneous bite that hides below the An Lan that the writer is critically is surface of traditional and daily life, this kind of concealed at comfortable culture backside tremendous " daily life collective is involuntary " a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes, just be to cause ormosia, too the real source of grandmother tragedy.

    2, mental fission: Loss and if say,abandon oneself, in this times in transition period, face a variety of culture collide, most person experiences difference of sluggish of this kind of culture self-consciously without ability to show so, bi Feiyu returned exert oneself to present another batch of special crowds for us, they perceived the conflict of culture sensitively, what regain consciousness however is helpless the anguish that thes upper part of the body in showing human spirit evolution, be caused from deeper sense.

    This one group is a kind of of the generation in period of transition of end of Chinese society century special group that has bright characteristic. They are not the elite intellectuals on traditional sense, also do not belong to ordinary people, they may come from at the society each estate, but a kind of brand-new identity was formed in the times of transition. Between Yu Jingying of their interpose of this kind of identity and masses, little the great-hearted aloof and proud of an elite, much breath of life of a minute of popular. They have certain artistic appreciation and moral bottom line already, but the all the time does not get the tie of modern society and influence, it is a kind of special period what forming spirit of culture of him itself consciousness is brand-new estate. Those who use Persia accept to put forward " public intellectual " the concept will limit, they " with social community accessible means conveys him, and its convey focusing at concern or be being involved politics or ideological the problem that tonal social community pays close attention to. Communal and OK university of leech on to, OK also as irrelevant as university fine long hair. They can be full-time academic personnel, yi Ke is pluralistic learning personnel... can be a writer or artist; Can be a politician or governmental official... the wording and purpose of what one writes in Bi Feiyu, academia of their dwell existence, business circles, artistic bound is a flock of be in harmony even all sorts of identities at a suit those who cross a territory " public intellectual " , what bear on their body in all the intellectual's special status makes they can walk out of the world with fresh bring into contact with of the tower of ivory on one hand, the tremendous favorable opposition that the feeling of true true be sure to is brought to each respects of the life by modern culture is attacked and change, on the other hand, they hold the post of their spirit and heart impossibly to drift with the tide again, experience a kind of spirit to go up necessarily " do not be in the home " painful. That is to say, live the culture that the change of means and identity cannot make them fast form a kind of adaptability already, manage. This is different from numerous people, because was used to the life mode below traditional culture rule, cannot jump out self-consciously the sort of experience is inertial, contrary, what they can feel the powerful force of modern culture and oneself exquisitely is insignificant. Just has an intellectual to think over duely as a result of them, suspicion, critically wait for ability, make they are in face article M model when this cannot go against the chance that turn, often should get on spirit more test, certain also experience struggles intensely. As public intellectual, although they are sure this spirit is opposite technical reason and person the active meaning of modern course, the value disorder that has to run next generation for market economy however is anxiety-ridden with moral coast. The complex state of mind after tripping before this kind of postscript makes one part intellectual is in of spirit attributive on not know what to do, on valuation hard arrange with ease, so that reply hard,lost the basic standard that settle down and get on with one's pursuit " who am I " " I come from where, should go where " ask a writer work considers to inscribe, a kind of modern culture agrees with defect person the crisis and the predicament that ego breaks up. Place of Er of Miao of a place of strategic importance of no less than says: " modern possibility has integral , but not be the whole that F breaks certainly, it is including nervous, pressure, disorder and disturbance necessarily. "15 accepting with spurn in struggling, be in the social standard that the individual inside its can not follow personally, the culture that does not have dominant supports belief, they lost their seat in a kind of of the thing relatively outmoded structure, fail to find another place in new order however, efficient resolution cannot be clear about in the mutual tear at of all sorts of culture force, for a short while disillusion feeling diffuses quickly, they became have no way out confuse a sheep. Bi Feiyu behaved period of transition of contemporary an ancient type of spoon of this kind of China in a lot of his novels, feel frustrated of the contradiction that public intellectual knows truly hard to ego identity and value orientaton, meet with and fall fall few is joyous. He is reforming and opening to the pioneering expression of this one speech since, the estate that studies this rises abruptly anew " self-identity angst " release way and seek way, also be one of Chinese modern course special culture idea. Writer steer clear of critically the picture of the style that cover a region of the explicit strength that causes an intellectual to break ego gradually, however develop a new style or a new method of one's own, support the spirit continuously in, feeling heart is rotten suffer from, exhibit the mental fission that historical transition period produces on their body now. In this kind of transitional especially burnt interpose paragraph, be in what affirm fixed position afresh to ego identity is confused in, a lot of good ideal or affection also are losing the broken up in struggling with abandoned.

    Be in " remote control " in this short story, "I " the achievement that lived to enjoy modern culture adequately, all " electric equipment is Japanese goods completely. Have a bit crucial, its Ff contains Shu of far severe ' implement carry contemporary advantage ability to bring the mankind to come quite, saved the power that make move. Let however " remote control " into the interest stage enemy general orientation, be in " remote control " in symbolizes modern society, person (ah in order to do not have a choice, the life has one T only to degree. FT5J of 々 class person with " and embrace to instruct to live spring, the 5 simple, palpability that spend young trick earn our hand, foot, body from inside many physical labor the life that come out abounds a gender also Hi by disappear dash forward. Gave birth to appeal of go against the river and meaning bedding bag to go up the victim that the crust of materialize became lonely age. Word, hand in - knock ' shop justice " hide the truth from " reach without assorted, the M that beg guides. In the happiness that brought great advantage alive, the passion of life, originality is attacked so that smash by the life heavy weight of materialize, and " I "

    Lose in this war that does not have smoke of gunpowder to be at a loss, in cannot find can let oneself before Piao vivid means the bewilderment of meaning of cabin opposite life.

    In facing the environment that loses a lot of person to be in modern society, cannot escape live of law restrict. Be in " elder brother two good " south medium Yan Tu hard mountain pass of abandoned of steer clear of, oneself good way of life sends contain to be on another individual body, oneself dream realizes on other body. The Yan Jia of the town that break the bridge is the teach old and well-known family with entire famous county. South graph of eldest brother abundant took an examination of a Normal University to become Yan Jiadi 1979 artisan of 8 acting teach, however, the 1989 winter austral the graph " have an accident " . He divorced, demit duty, a person returns provincial capital afresh, the big money of new generation was become in time of 5 years. Feel in field of business circles, affection, money, interest climb roll the graph after hitting one time Na Weidi younger brother chose with the present way with oneself different: Gave in Normal University a huge sum to the little brother that lose out at one's own expenses paragraph. Take advice note with respect to north resembling a plan that momently, those words that understand in elder brother eye are same, from now on, what his life buries into eldest brother is silent in. Can say, a genuine public intellectual is south the graph, arrive from college teacher successful businessman, although the change of the identity brought the satisfaction of materially to him, make he is lost however went up of spirit clutch again, was immersed in the predicament that struggles in the ego of two fission. At the same time deep-felt also experience went to the status that he enjoyed modern culture adequately to pay attention to, reputation, freedom what breaking up one's family, belief is not having is lonesome with anguish, each other calculate inside bazaar, the woman of of all kinds that alternates beside him more the be ignorant of of irrigates Li and human nature boundless and indistinct that let him understand human relationship. The reality of exhaustion of body and mind making a person lives, in the heart the does not go intellectual feelings of brandish is pestered together, make him extremely painful. South the graph of cannot help doing sth can helpless abandon realism oneself, turn and oneself are searched on little brother body another shadow, borrow this to realize the way of the life that cannot choose. Arrived " a when sing xipi erhuang melody " in, this kind abandons the extreme mood that expression destroys thoroughly for a kind oneself.

    A 19 years old nowadays is the rapid change is red play Yuan Mingdan on TV. As rustic as a suit 7 years ago, the rural child of accent of full mouth dense is different, one right now has been the city young woman of affairs of human life of deep know well, arrive from rock-bottom ascend body " culture is encircled " , the in a sense says, she is belonged to likewise burgeoning " public intellectual " estate. In commercial times, have old boss support, a few times in on TV many dew the face changes movie and TV to development again, such wedding day leaves not far. But, one elephant extremely oneself countryside is middleaged the life that feminine occurrence disturbed she is had completely, affected her evaporate evaporate to say the position that go up, more let her be on spirit defect person narrow and low-lying. Resemble becoming consensus between increasing philtrum as the photograph of two people, one produced a kind of illusion that bears hard even: "Besides oneself, this world still has other night each the happiness that personal ' was in a flourishing when wind can want to want rain almost in cloth this to enjoy modern life, but that senile country woman symbolized it seems that the prophecy of own destiny. Familiar accent, same eye reveals in straightforward very fondly the look let her generate deep to oneself suspicion: Rural woman just perhaps is retire city after plumbic China true oneself, and in reality oneself perhaps I- is planted dream. Say like Jidengsi in that way ' the pressure private parts of a right now outer bound can arrive the body and the state with separate ego, " the separation of ego and body or perfect confluence... the form that has active sense, but depart when this kind when happening as the redundant feature of character, it was behaved can agree with to ego directly cause anxiety of percussive existence " , generation " the mutual reverse with the mirror in mental division character and serious ego " . The writer work that saw on other body oneself try hard to want to cast off studies very I, spend a medium serious blow to heavy 5CTW Ge Wen. Fear let her produce hate, she made a choice: Annul another ego.

    A variety of drive that produce in culture transition to alleviate and psychological disease suffer from, abandon or withdrew a few people are actively to be the elite footing of the tenet with moral ideal, in the life that waits for be in harmony of ego die out plane to change at basic necessities of life and dietary men and women. Little sign high spirit is adherence on the other hand person become more definitely absolutely. And extensive is handed in, the language in Chinese intellectual goes to be behaved not merely for a few humanitarian intellectuals the self-conscious clear up of the main body to the person is mixed from article an ancient type of spoon the backtrack of illuminative footing, abdomen of deeper the last of the twelve Earthly Branches also is expressed other now as before the conflict that adherence article < cheats the intellectual of footing to face spirit of a variety of article an ancient type of spoon, same cannot establish is contemporary the spirit of dominant culture that place of an ancient type of spoon asks. Be in " public intellectual " the person of those cherish idealism in this special group, they use the abiding confronting expression with lay spring tide to person desire crosscurrent and hedonism break. Leg article is unconscious footing and business mouth are measured only then culture very modern culture thinks of the cane, wet each other collision makes the value orientaton virtually of people is producing fission, and " the body of public knowledge disrelishs him 1 ' booth takes the place of with be being broken away from absolutely all sorts of moving law of the society, these decided his Ffl is planted valiant antagonism is losing the solemn and stirring show that does not have an audience with the translate into in be being abandoned oneself finally only.

    The idealist breaks the story of Tian. The passion that devotes for art has the powerful force of confuse the people's minds in certain age. Without doubt, it is such in the years that in Xiao Yanqiu growing place experiences. Bosom is worn artistic and consummate dinkum creed manner, she will serve as the sheer scale of all actions to artistic understanding. To Li Xuefen's Leng Yan addition starts work even because she is right,the person says with its is of leading role longing, be inferior to saying is a kind of artistic importunate ultra act. This kind of her exceeding ego behavior art and life confuse sth with sth else, make she never bits and the environmental photograph confluence all round. In bright a jade tablet (" that summer, that autumn " ) go up personally, having very similar ideal feelings with You Yan Qiu. He arrived to true love be in harmony of music in blood, she (he) people can come with life almost the ideal that defend has deep love for and art. Xiao Yanqiu people because cherish ideal must surmount reality, she (he) people never also had abandoned such effort in the time of reforming and opening, the comprehensive prosperity of market economy brought huge freedom to spend to social life, but right however on culture level she (he) people place importunate idealism made more huge impact. Surmount reality with ideal extremely difficult in commercial creed times, held to ideal and the new culture that commodity exchanges a principle to form unprecedented contradictory. The life is in cannot the real world with lay isolation, ideal cannot be changed absolutely, surmount reality impossibly after all too far. Dinkum idealist must look at ideal to go further more after experiencing spirit and affective loss -- Xiao Yanqiu abandoned the ego with that great-hearted self-respect, exchange a hope with the body; Bright a jade tablet accepted the option of vulgarization love person distressedly. He (she) people the dwell that tragedy depends on regarding stage as spirit occupies the ground, regard the wing that puts flying ideal as art, and the times that transforms tantivy in this, social transition cannot avoid the ground to will affect the artistic behavior in culture spirit domain. The fact proves, uptodate generation has entered the modern society that the person commercializes, omnipotent commercial language FclE is worn in the shake that cannot hold back ideal and art originally great place, the dual impact that comes from reality and ego spirit to go up is sure to shake to smash even she they those hold to goodly. The ground (he) people became last groups of Ai Hong of a for ideal dance in modern society.

    3, epilogue but from another angle we should see, the conflict of culture spirit and fission also are human depth changes the fundamental strength of an ancient type of spoon and progress. Oneself bright spirit footing shines in finishing flying eaves is showing a variety of broken reality to comprehend. Be in when naval vessel the wording and purpose of what one writes of contemporary part fictionist gradually draw is followed ' when work for please market when relying on oneself to wipe to commodity, what Shen Wei saw gladly in the novel of Bi Feiyu of my FfT £ is convex. The novel is shown loving care for, the actuality bewilderment that shows loving care for human spirit and the challenge that did not come, in the consumptive period that is oppugned in the round in the lasting of artistic thought, finish in work of flying Yu Yiji one in order to a string of 1000 cash the Xiao to spirit and thought and chase after look at bold suspicion, brave consider oneself, and strive is judged to what give his. The broken to reality assurance in his novel is to cut instantly society and individual life the one T angle of true condition. He is not in the novel make local profit why beg, however the contain life at complete mankind in state and foreground, call the highest state of harmony of a kind of whole. Say on this meaning, bi Feiyu's novel is revealed without what backwater changes at plane however by more the refresh of place of life consider carefully with close deep, pass through his broken actual depict, we excavate not hard to ponder over the profundity that aches after encourage in the course to the sort of spirit.

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