Function of gnathic type crusher reachs the price

  • Function of gnathic type crusher reachs the price

    Gnathic type crusher brief introduction

    Gnathic type crusher basically is used at broken to the medium granuality of all sorts of ore and chunk stock, it is occurrence prior breaking equipment, the structure is simple, combination is reasonable, the job is reliable, basically use at mine in the manufacturing operation such as to decoke of mortar of station of agitate of exploitation, concrete, powder, power plant.

    In recent years, accelerate stage by stage as what infrastructure builds, the use of crusher is more and more extensive, especially the gnathic type crusher with superior performance is more such. We basically say the function characteristic of crusher of SBM gnathic type and price advantage below.

    The moving advantage of jaw type crusher

    1, this equipment structure is simple, combination is reasonable, the job is reliable.

    2, gimmick of this equipment design is advanced, absorb produce experience advancedly domestic and internationally, configuration is broken antrum is deep, join makings faculty strong, unit time yield is high, broken production efficiency rises.

    3, this equipment is broken than big, granuality of stock finished product is even, perfect.

    4, lubricant system configures this equipment reasonable, performance is steady, the job of daily care and maintenance of lubricant component is simple and quick.

    5, this equipment engineering technology is advanced, efficient and energy-saving, power consumption is low, fare of company production operation is low.

    6, device of mouth of makings of this equipment platoon is agile, can adjust by oneself control, adjusting range is big, satisfy manufacturing requirement of the client.

    7, noise of the generation in this equipment moving process is low, dust is little, the person that can reduce pair of working personnels is harmed.

    8, this equipment volume is minor, cover an area of an area small, airframe height is small, facilitating installation, configuration, machine component changes, maintenance is convenient.

    The price of jaw type crusher

    Manufacturer of production of gnathic type crusher is numerous, machine price also is on any account differ. So the gnathic type crusher that how chooses cheap of qualitative actor price in these manufacturer? Need to consider the factor of two respects:

    , the element of crusher oneself

    1, the quality of jaw type crusher

    Quality affects the price. The quality of gnathic type crusher is high grade, its price is met relatively different. The reason is the machine with good quality, those who use is advanced manufacturing technology and new-style equipment component. In producing a course guard a pass strictly, weigh quality, assure a client can safe production. This among them capital investment and energy investment can affect the price of the machine.

    2, the model of jaw type crusher

    Crusher has a lot of type, type is different, the price of crusher also is met different. The client is bought in the need that oneself of Lv of take an examination produces, buy appropriate crusher type.

    2, explicit element

    1, manufacturer dimensions brand

    Manufacturer of the crusher in industry market is numerous, want to choose old brand, big company. Manufacturer brand is resonant, scale of production is big, so opposite, the quality of crusher can get ensuring, and the respect meets the price ask strictly to set with production according to the industry, establish the price reasonable and reliable, won't raise price at will.

    2, market demand

    Market demand and price are the relation of mutual influence. Crusher market demand is big, machine price can rise relatively. Market demand is little, crusher price also can be reduced appropriately likewise. This price change is the result that the market competes.

    Above is crusher of SBM gnathic type the labor that undertakes from respect of advantage characteristic and price change. Major of crusher of SBM machine gnathic type produces more than 30 years, quality assures, the price is likely. At the same time SBM machine returns production to have strike back the breaking equipment such as type crusher, conic type crusher, movable type crusher, welcome new old client to make an on-the-spot investigation to the factory, choose and buy.

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