Fly ash dryer is grasping the catchword that science and technology innovates develops ahead

  • Fly ash dryer is grasping the catchword that science and technology innovates develops ahead

    "Science and technology is productivity " this advocates old development slogan, in mine machinery the industry is having direct effect all the time. In last few years, the fundamental construction such as the exploitation of resource of domestic mineral products, irrigation works, traffic, housing is right the machine of ball mill, crusher, floatation, magnetic separation machine, demand that makes arenaceous machine wait for mineral separation equipment rises continuously. Hold office at court wears mine machinery large change, intelligence is changed, way of automation, feebleminded bad news develops, mastered advanced manufacturing technology, can hold vantage ground in the market.

    The country puts forward " construction is managing model society " policy points to clear direction to the development of the enterprise, environmental protection, fall bad news is the essential factor that must consider in company production. Industrial development increases by degrees to the demand year after year of the sources of energy, the fly ash with immortal 2009 industry and gangue are amounted to 400 million, 600 million tons. The treatment craft of fly ash matures gradually, fly ash makes new-style material, partial area has begun the recycle of fly ash to produce.

    Ball mill, dryer is the main facility in fly ash production. Henan SBM mechanical engineer to improve the manufacturing efficiency of fly ash dryer, to the raise of dryer interior makings board is improved. Excogitate much He Jiao to spend, the assorted spread that means of helix across amlposition ranges expects board. This kind of raise expects board can make stock by heat warm up level is advanced quickly etc fast dry phase, make in this phase stock forms of Bao Youyun " makings act " , increased stock and the osculatory acreage that heat up air current. Improve the dry efficiency of dryer substantially, energy-saving effect is apparent at the same time.

    The company grows must ceaseless buildup the core competition ability of enterprise oneself, want to capture two big focal points to be not loosened. The development innovation that is a product and technical progress are not loosened. 2 be capture market demand and change to be not loosened for the center with the client. Holding information is crucial, advanced technique of world advanced level should be aimed at on innovation of new product development advanced product, the product that development comes out just has vitality. Advantage and dominant position are acquired in wanting to compete in intense mine machine market, must aggrandizement oneself fighting capacity. 1000 article be inferior to savorring essence of life, henan SBM machinery improves the problem that upgrade to go up in equipment, do not duplicate the product with low-level others, ball mill, dryer, make the mineral separation equipment such as arenaceous machine, crusher do fine make choice, ceaseless and outspread " SBM " advantage. The development of the enterprise expands even if want to unlock horizon, see the market, see a product, see progress, see situation and demand, combine oneself advantage, make a product, development market.