SBM crusher seeks progress in innovation

  • It is very big that the change of the market is affected to the development of crusher, but the crusher of our country starts late, with a few Euramerican countries, in the technology, the function of equipment and quality respect still have very big difference, since discovered a problem, we are about to dare to innovate, go solving these problems.
    Because the engine of traditional crusher equipment is the product with high can inefficient cost more, because of electromotor of this traditional stone crusher its specific power consumption, pollution all shows the environmental protection index of level more than. Although fittings can pass reproducing to perhaps be replaced with new fittings, can solve a problem, but take temporary solution of this kind of method not effect a permanent cure. Change often fittings is equivalent to changing system of stone crusher hydraulic pressure its cost is bigger, do not accord with show level the big trend of energy-saving environmental protection, this kind of method will be washed out eventually. The personage inside course of study thinks to wait for the implementation on mechanical industry in stone crusher energy-saving the need that decreasing a platoon is prospective development, chairman of Joint Industry Conference points out Chinese machinery, machinist job is the important fundamental in economy of our country countryman pillar industry, assuming the main task that for national economy each industry and major project and construction of national defence industry supply modern production equipment, accordingly we should dare to innovate, be brave in to discover, move toward the crusher equipment of our country the whole world.