Mine crusher development is imperative

  • Mine crusher development is imperative

    Mine machinery is a breed in machine friend industry construction of various, facility complex, demand the mechanical industry with big, use wide range. Mine machinery accuses its utility to be able to be divided roughly to excavate equipment, hoist, narrow course is facility for transporting, broken pink wears device (crusher, grinder) , mine uses equipment of equipment of sizing device, washing and roast to wait for 7 kinds big, 30 group, 700 many 6f 10 with thousands of kinds of norms. Mine machinery basically faces the sources of energy, traffic and service of department of industry of raw material base, main task is to be the mine of the branch such as coal, steely, nonferrous metal, chemical industry, building materials and nuclear industry the deep treatment of exploitation and raw material, and the position with in developing for railroad, highway, water and electricity and society, be had very significant and action, attribute the pillar trade of national economy. Mine machinery manufacturing industry is the base that the country builds independent industry system, also be the important sign that measures actual strength of industry of a nation. Wait for the industrial policy that fundamental industry develops according to the sources of energy of national emphasis support, traffic and raw material, mine machinery serves as the pillar of these fundamental industry to answer preferential the key support that gets a country, rise in order to get further progress is mixed, the development that is coal, metal and metalloid mine offers more having international is advanced high grade, efficient equipment of the level, contented countryman economy grows the need of pair of the sources of energy and raw material. Reforming and opening comes 30 years, manufacturing industry experienced machinery of our country mine to introduce digest absorb design of foreign advanced technique, collaboration to close make, the development road of own design, be in especially carry out " a certain number of opinions " drive below, mine machinery manufacturing industry realized two about-face basically, it is product development by be modelled on model to own innovation change 2 it is economy moves by extensive model to benefit change. 2Doo year since, in domestic base foundation of labour read smoothly builds what develop greatly to pull move below, demand of market of mine machinery product is exuberant, gross value of industrial output and sale year growth rate stability is in 32 % —40X. While market demand is driving mine machinery to make already aid grow, more the technology that promoted whole industry progresses, emerge in large numbers a batch of gross new products that have own intellectual property. The success of gross new product is developed, made positive contribution for national economy construction, narrowed the difference with advanced country promoted the capacity that shares international competition at the same time, industry of machinery of our country mine is producing bigger and bigger effect in international mine project. Photograph of news of news of standard of the develops one mankind technology progress of mine machinery, modern science and technology and integral industry is mixed with machinist Cheng science especially first the development of mining course is linked together cheek by jowl. Forward position of modern science and technology has apparent time domain, domain and dynamic character. Information science, material science, life science, accept rice science, government science and the mainstream makings that production science is change 2l century learn, the hi-tech that arises from this and its industry will change the world. The progress of the progress that the alternate confluence between different science will produce new scientific focusing economy and society generates new requirement and expectation to mine machinery. The technical level of mine machinery and equipment ability, it is the important sign that measures actual strength of industry of a nation.