Crusher industry upgrades SBM mine machine captures good luck to seek progress

  • Concerned trade statistic shows, 2011 first quarter, stone crusher industry increases a value to grow 17.8% compared to the same period, equipment of general, special stone crusher grows respectively compared to the same period 21.8% with 24.4%; at the same time, industry of machinery of prospective clastic rock also will make the main field that traditional industry upgrades. More regrettablly is, 925 ” of “ period, industry of stone crusher tool wants what push 5 big fields mainly to tackle key problem the job, develop equipment of high-end stone crusher, burgeoning estate equipment, the people's livelihood to fetters with stone crusher energetically namely craft of product of equipment, crucial foundation, foundation and technology.
    Well-known, the period with domestic crusher the most difficult industry is last centuries 90 time, after entering 21 centuries, crusher industry begins to anabiosis in the round, enter “ during 925 ” , welcomed the opportunity of full-scale development, but crusher enterprise not but blind and hopeful, what should cast off the market to change a technology is disconcerted bureau, energetically own research and development, accomplish gain the market with the technology, accomplish technical output even.
    In process of crusher industry development, machine of Zhengzhou SBM mine the effort of unremitting with its excellent wear-resisting performance, win broad client praise; The crusher of type of another name for Hubei province that the company introduces has the technical advantage of energy-saving, environmental protection, welcome by domestic and international client and market, march for SBM mine machine market of international mine machine, laid solid foundation.