Floatation machine technology outshines the rest in smeary water

  • Floatation machine technology outshines the rest in smeary water

    Because oil field contains the oil content of smeary water to differ, on the exterior not identical also, oil is more, color is deeper. Crude oil with sewage of consist in of grain condition unsteadily in, form water to include oily state. Float oil comes out very easily from the depart in sewage, also can rely on gravity to come out from the depart in sewage, but detached rate is slower. Emulsification oil is spent dispersedly taller, rely on gravity very hard to undertake grease departs; Content of deliquescent oil, oily wet solid is very small. Current, oiliness sewage has become the main fountainhead of oil field affusion, be aimed at this kind of water quality and pass theoretical to floatation technology analysis, technology of OK and affirmative floatation has wide applied perspective in sewage disposal of oil field oiliness.
    As the development that studies to floatation process and mechanism, the question that former floatation unit consists is more and more obvious also, the processing result that improves floatation plant consequently becomes the central issue of research, the structure that is like floatation pool already by square model instead circle reduced blind angle, use overflow lasher board eliminates dross and take out machinery blows slimy orgnaization. In recent years besides improving original floatation plant to raise the rate that remove oil, still studied column of floatation of — of a few new-style device treats oiliness foul water.

    The drug that uses in floatation processing includes coagulant and floatation agent, they are affecting the water quality that floatation tackles directly. Garrulous coagulates the copolymer that the agent is a kind of liquid state, have higher positive electrical charge, in the discovery in experimenting to the floatation of form of two kinds of coagulation, the person is added before floatation organic garrulous coagulates agent, can improve floatation result greatly. Pair of impeller floatation machine such as Yang Xu undertook study with floatation agent, by cation polymer and exterior activator answer after matching, its garrulous coagulates ability bead of strong, garrulous and bleb conglutinate force strong, grease is detached the garrulous that speed uses quickly at treating oiliness foul water coagulates the development trend of agent and drug of floatation agent form a complete set is: Coagulate by onefold inorganic coagulant, organic garrulous agent development is compound model or answer match model preparation, finish broken breast, coagulation, garrulous to coagulate reach the link such as floatation.
    1, the stand or fall that what should emphasize is floatation technology, depend on the drug of form a complete set that uses floatation equipment and place. Because this should strengthen development development cost low, structure is simple, the development that the efficient floatation that covers an area of a face to accumulate maintenance of small, operation to go to the lavatory removes oily equipment and drug of form a complete set. As a result of the characteristic of new-style floatation column, its hopeful produces bigger effect in oiliness sewage disposal. According to the difference of oiliness sewage water quality, the development adaptability that has specific aim is strong, efficient, answer match a gender the drug of cheap of good, muti_function, price will still be investigator people a main goal.
    2, the water quality that tackles water to rise, floatation of oil field sewage handles craft to be used with union of method of other sewage disposal even. Floatation technology uses in sewage disposal flow, can improve the processing result of sewage, the water quality after making handle reachs the level of water quality of oil reservoir affusion.
    3, use floatation technology part or replace nature to divide entirely oily, inclined board eliminate oily technique except oil and coagulation, can simplify sewage disposal flow, reduce sewage disposal cost. Floatation technology is used at handling way of bead of dispersive oil drop when the oiliness sewage with lesser, more serious than great, emulsification crude oil, have clear advantage.
    Drip to with bleb the surface all takes negative electric charge and be all round its as a result of oil in oiliness sewage form electric double layer, the energy that has when both place only can overcome what form by place of electric double layer can base, the ability when both is adjacent is contacted actually and form effective collision. Its collide effectively intensity is decided by size of the hydrophoby of garrulous substance appearance, bleb and hydraulic condition. Stronger, bleb jumps over the hydrophoby of garrulous substance appearance small, its conglutinate rate is higher. Cation, the compound preparation that has broken breast and bubbly effect, can rise to reduce electric double layer, increase garrulous of petty oil drop to condense knot ability, have very big affinity with oily drop surface, reduce bleb diameter, increase the action of bleb density.