Crusher of type of SBM another name for Hubei province applies always in limestone

  • Crusher of type of SBM another name for Hubei province applies always in limestone

    SBM course considers to discover to the try out of all sorts of crusher, gnathic type crusher defeats crushed limestone to have the following marked characteristics:
    1. is as a result of the productivity of gnathic type crusher between 600~800t/h, suit to undertake to limestone broken. Of achievable chunk limestone broken. Diameter is the biggest broken kernel 1000 ×1200mm, solved effectively original is limestone supplies insecurity at the same time, store at the same time the issue that many chunk limestone cannot use.
    Size of 2. broken finished product is small, it is 2~ only15mm, suit to substitute now the demand of makings.

    Electric power of crusher of type of 3. another name for Hubei province is used up low. Annual but managing charge of electricity 100 thousand yuan.
    4. improved labor intensity of the worker and working environment effectively. Because the automation rate of limestone crusher is high, do not need to contact stock artificially, work requirement of the worker is improved considerably.
    The crusher of type of series another name for Hubei province that SBM produces is divided thick defeat and fine defeat two kinds, apply to the numerous industry such as mine, smelt, building, highway, railroad, irrigation works and chemical industry extensively, its are to makings granuality125mm1020mm, it is equipment of primary and broken first selection.
    SBM regards the manufacturer of crusher as the home, very large dominant position is had in equipment of large stone product line, product standards is all ready, why to no matter your need is broken,plant stock, from the deserted data that the rock of hard strong abrasion uses to second birth, SBM is your optimal choice.

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