The power that strikes back type crusher is used up

  • The power that strikes back type crusher is used up

    In sewage channel is being emited into after the trash course that holds back normally is broken. In model water can use to be versed in instrument and meter plant is made in sewage purification station corrupt strike back type crusher. Crusher productivity is hour of / of 1000 public office, ligature is counted - 1450 / cent is planted, the power that electromotor place needs - 60 kilowatt of 45 ~ or bigger. The weight when crusher does not include motor is 2000 kilograms, the price is 18340 ruble.
    Make up in the axis of crusher paragraph of disc, in disc the A Chinese-style unlined garment on circumferential Cheng hammer has strong acid child. 5 strong acid are secured on every disc child. The wrestle when the axis fast very big when, key child turn into radiation direction well beats trash, break these trash into pieces. Lower case and sewage emit into the trash light crusher that is broken into pieces together offtake. The water consumption of content of every kilograms of hall is 7-8 liter. The humidity of broken trash is 98-98.5% , and when water consumption is overmuch humidity is amounted to 99.6% . Smash to realize a few kinds of afore-mentioned main machinery method, geld made a large number of different type and tectonic disintegrator instrument. Put in tenon 's charge to rise, can divide for crusher and molar machine two big thick; And crusher can be divided again for thick broken, medium broken, finely crusher 3 kinds big, use at respectively thick broken, medium broken, finely exercise. Smash according to what what use method and mechanical feature, will smash machine cent is following and main a few sort (graph L ~ 2) : (Crusher of I) gnathic type: Main thick becoming a part is stationary jaw plate is mixed move jaw board. Use those who change jaw board cycle to stand by stationary jaw plate with crunch ore; Jaw board has moire shape tooth, also have to ore so break off crack and curve action. What this kind of crusher basically uses at hard ore is thick broken or medium broken. Strike back type crusher its job principle is to lean movable inside strike back type is secured with certain prejudicial radius lossen soil with a hoe outside round machine center makes ceaseless whirligig, with broken be full of strike back at two the ore of type door, ore broken because be in,be of two cone an action that squash and is broken off. This kind of crusher is commonly used at in break and finely, thick perhaps broken hard ore. (Crusher of 3) Kun type: Its basically form a part is to two rotational parallel cylindrical roller. If roller is of smooth cylinder, ore suffers extruding and by broken; If use the roller that contains a tooth-like part of anything, ore will suffer squash and break off crack and by broken. If two roller revolution is different, still suffer have abrade effect. This kind of crusher is applied to in break and the ore with finely brittleness and not great strength (graph 1 ~ 2 C) . Strike back because type crusher manufactures efficiency tall, duty factor is more reliable, in home at present each mine company is being used widely. When striking back type crusher works, dust flies everywhere poplar, very big to spot personnel and equipment harm, for dustproof and general use water to seal. Dustproof water is sealed is to prevent dirt to enter crusher inside, make a spare parts premature tatty a kind of device, the maintenance that must notice to make kilter. In spherical bearing on L, have Cheng Shui or do not written guarantee aspic liquid is annular compose case and striking back type drive body 3 on, the dustproof group that solder has frustum look 5, in the water that its lower end inserts groove, dustproof circle 5 hold off dirt, make its fall into cistern. Such, with respect to the interior that can prevent dirt to enter crusher. Stockpile encloses the dirt in buy at water, want to be swept ceaselessly with circular water, for this, in the outfall in cistern she installs to catchment take-overs and compare installation in water inlet one take-overs into water. Circular water wants from inside appropriative cistern, send into Shui Liu through pipeline with water pump, backwater sheds backwater box from drainpipe edge pipeline. Enter to safeguard the function that water seals to prevent dirt inside machine, should have made following a few jobs: Be full of water to seal used water should be clean, what what add up to is sedimentary as far as possible little. The water that enters water to seal should be right amount, the brim excessive that does not make water is sealed from water namely comes out, cannot little the discharge at need. When the time halting use of crusher exceeds a spot, in the winter of frigid zone area, should stop water supply, want a water to seal the water dropt inside at the same time. Changing dustproof rubber annulus 6 when, must make dustproof rubber annulus 6 with strike back on type drive body dustproof strand the clearance that reservation makes an appointment with 2—3 millimeter between the brim of 5. Still must prevent water to seal freeze an accident.