Rubbish of renewable resources building handles SBM mine machine flow

  • Limited company of machinery of Zhengzhou SBM mineBuild rubbish processingFlow, renewable resources is used become useless to be treasure.
    1, Stationary builds rubbish to handle a stationThe building rubbish of clear carry carries be in buy field to press bricky broken bits, miscellaneous earth (miscellaneous earth is mixed for clay brick piece did not secure proportional mixture) , coagulation clod classification piles up.
    2, rubbish stock uses conveyer belt to carry, by ordinal connective 3 2 thick crusher, crusher, crusher and centrifuge are undertaken for many times broken with depart, all processing process is adopted remove dust and fall noise equipment. Can realize automation operation, efficiency is tall, cover an area of little, do not have pollution 2 times, rubbish is all and OK second birth is used. The cobble after coagulation clod smashs can be used with resource second birth make cement be in charge of, bead of bricky broken bits can use as the firm material that makes a brick, replace wall of sand build by laying bricks or stones and stucco building, the mixture bead of broken bits earth, loess sends the stable tract that advocates oneself to blend a station, use land of the stability that make through resource second birth (3, 7 grey earth) .
    Rubbish of movable type building is broken the advantage of the station:
    1, on the spot produces the spot to handle, save many land natural resources, reduce pollution 2 times.
    2, resources environment got beautification.
    3, economic and many construction funds.
    4, from get on car of earth of broken bits of keep within limits at all random bend chaos falls, the abuse of wanton infestation. Alleviate thereby traffic pressure.