Potassium feldspar chooses mine technology except iron, SBM is mechanical

  • Potassium feldspar chooses mine technology except iron, SBM is mechanical

    A kind of Potassium divides craft of iron mineral separation feldspathicly, it includes: Use potassium feldspar crusher broken, broken stock sends platen to sift screening, granuality sends for the grain under 6 millimeter grind machine is abrade into fine pink, its feature depends on, still include undermentioned technology measure:

    1, wash mashed vegetable or fruit: 20-200 purpose fine pink stock sends helix chute, undertake depart grading, single out silt.

    2, grading: Send table the stock of silt of the take out after classics is grading, wash a 3 oxidation 2 iron.

    3, handpick: take out 3 oxidation the stock of 2 iron sends 1024 model machine of strong magnetism reelect undertakes concentration, single out iron, micaceous material, send 1018 × stock next 2 model machine of general magnetic separation, single out iron, micaceous material again.

    4, extract: Send high frequency vibrating separator to choose the stock that passes reelect and general election, the 3 oxidation in eliminate makings pink 2 iron and 4 oxidation 3 iron, receive potassium feldspar fine powder.

    5, pickling essence pink: With vitriolic regard pickling as the agent, according to acerbity chroma and potassium feldspar the quantity containing iron of fine pink undertakes ticking off add, in vitriolic chroma affirmatory circumstance falls, the quantity containing iron of potassium feldspar fine pink and add vitriolic weight become direct ratio, classics pickling gets rid of thoroughly 3 oxidation 2 iron and 4 oxidation 3 iron, depart gives vitriolic and ferrous solution, receive powder of potassium feldspar essence.

    6, pink of essence of screening Potassium feldspar: potassium feldspar pink of essence of life sends 20-200 eye sieve screening, the content below the sieve is iron content under 0. The finished product of 24% .

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