Strike back the 4 big characteristics of type crusher

  • Strike back the 4 big characteristics of type crusher

    Strike back type crusher is mineral separation, cement, the breaking equipment with the commonly used industry such as building materials, the machine of broken brittleness stock basically comes with pounding action to give priority to when the job, belong to a kind when pound type crusher. Relative to the crusher at other type, it has the following 4 respects feature:

    1, broken than greatly

    Strike back normally of type crusher broken be in than maintaining 50 above, and of other crusher broken than exceeding 20 commonly. Strike back so type crusher is commonly used at broken hardness taller ore, commonly used at cement, the manufacturing process such as mineral separation.

    2, product grain is good, bead form good

    This machines and tools has product granuality to adjust range big, can alternative broken. Because this machine uses concussion to be able to have broken job, by broken stock often along its disintegrate of the flimsiest level, be shown by broken stock grain so the probability of cubic configuration is higher, in the situation that needs cubic grain. For example, build in the shop of the slippery road surface of advanced course highway, production is used concrete aggregate normally strike back type crusher will regard as cut facility eventually.

    3, wearability good

    Strike back the wearability of type crusher is better, because strike back board it is by tall manganese steeliness is become, wear-resisting performance is good, relatively for hammer type crusher, strike back of type crusher strike back board life is longer, can help obtain first-rate broken effect.

    4, component changes maintain handy

    Strike back the bar on type crusher rotor has 6 only, change convenient, economic equipment maintains time, reduce the cost that maintenance and component change, to produce work buy time, improve manufacturing efficiency.