The hand of use operation key that SBM makes arenaceous machine for your summary criterion

  • The hand of use operation key that SBM makes arenaceous machine for your summary criterion

    Use in clients make time of arenaceous machine , all wrong operate a habit, often be to bring about make the main reason that unusual movement destroys arenaceous machine even. Also many clients and incoming telegram of operation business personnel hang down ask, so, author basis is old from already check, operate the use that makes arenaceous machine key hand to be summed up as follows especially, in order to offer everybody study reference.

    The first, making arenaceous machine is to rely on screw to secure, because make arenaceous machine can produce acuteness vibration in locomotive process, inevitable meeting causes screw to become loose. When if make arenaceous machine,unusual sound of sth astir appearing in using a process, be about to stop in time machine undertake checking. Discharge fish problem place, originally screw closely.

    The 2nd, like making arenaceous machine follow other crusher, have suitable scope, the requirement joins size of among them ore raw material to cannot exceed certain size, if too old saying, can make ore raw material jams makings opening is presented in what make arenaceous machine. Because need to clear,not be at this moment machine and affect production, namely because of stone attaint impeller must stop machine overhaul.

    The 3rd, make arenaceous machine do not allow what movement starts when there is stock inside machine stoutly, because the starting pressure of electric machinery crosses big and burned-out electric machinery,meet otherwise, produce the damage of other side likely still at the same time. Must wanting to abide by the order when operating crusher strictly so is to start crusher first, go to again inside join ore raw material.

    The 4th, make arenaceous machine need to often be safeguarded, because of the iron inside the machine wear away to damage relatively easily each other. Make arenaceous machine be about to check after using period of time whether to need to add lubricating oil, such ability make what the machine uses more long.

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