The main characteristic of the crusher that abandon steel and advantage

  • One, facilities of the large treatment that abandon steel uses our country survey is large because one-time investment is large,useless steel machines equipment (dragon door is cut, crusher investment is in 10 million ~ 20 million yuan, amount to 30 million ~ individually 40 million yuan, need has more large-scale useless steel to suck store ability, should have namely need treatment enoughly useless steel and to it the auxiliary equipment of form a complete set (if seize steel opportunity, the forklift, travel condole, environmental protection establishment) , so majority of facilities of the large treatment that abandon steel is large and medium-sized steely enterprise and treatment of more large-scale useless steel deserve to send a center to choose, its society popularity rate is not high still.

    1. Large dragon door cuts use circumstance crocodile to because its suffer form of material the crucial point to be like crocodilian mouth,be cut, friend call his machine of crocodilian type clipping. Its structure is simple, shearing force is in 300 tons commonly the following. And large dragon door cuts his to give door of dragon of makings mouth be similar in shape, have solid frame, the structure is complex, volume is large. Edge by go up downward, blade gets power everywhere even, its are the biggest shearing force can amount to 3000 tons, can machine large structural member, be like channel, boat board, rail, manufacturing efficiency is taller, apply to large and medium-sized steely enterprise and more large-scale useless steel machining center.

    Dragon door cuts investment tremendous, it is a few times what cut crocodilian, very consummate and centuple. Have special manufacturer house even, change electric equipment, electromagnetism acetabulum or the establishment of form a complete set such as the machine that catch steel. According to China committee of work of facilities of the treatment that abandon steel discloses: Planned economy period, shenyang is heavy-duty machinery plant, xi'an metallurgy machinery plant, jiangsu metallurgy machinery plant ever had produced more than 10 useless steel to cut for domestic steely company, but majority already rejected now.

    Ever since, our country steely enterprise from Japan, germany, italy, czech, the machine of useless steel clipping that the United States imports amounts to more than 30.

    Company of Hubei force emperor introduced 800 tons of level of company of Er of breath of German go smoothly to abandon technology of steel clipping machine 1990 successful trial-produce gives chance of clipping of the first SV800-65EP useless steel, after that serial production machine of more than 10 large clipping that abandon steel, of this kind of product roll out the requirement that satisfied home market. After 2000, inc. of science and technology of Jiangsu Hua Hong (company of Hua Hong of the following abbreviation) also develop a door of useless steel dragon that fits Chinese national condition to cut, abandon steel crusher production line.

    Visible, door of our country large dragon cuts use unit is enterprise of iron and steel of all of one suit almost, current domain or renewable resources reclaim the industry finds sign hard.

    Hubei force emperor, jiangsu Hua Hong owned share of domestic majority market, the door cuts the large dragon that at present home has record record to be controlled in 50.

    2. Broken automation line uses our country useless steel the working principle of general situation crusher: Use peen stroke to enter the useless steel that holds tune namely, pass the space that forms between scaleboard and peen, will wait for broken content to tear off the broken makings accord with the requirement.

    The main characteristic of useless steel crusher and advantage are: Enlarged useless steel to reclaim limits, if the society abandons the paint bucket in steel, coating is packed, old electric home appliancesThe first useless steel of our country is broken product line is Guangzhou steelworks was introduced from the United States 1996, company of Hubei force emperor introduced crusher of SHD of company of Er of American button dimension useless steel to manufacture a technology 2000, successful development produced crusher of the first PSX-6080 of our country useless steel, broken automation line is in more than 20 when at present company of Hubei force emperor produces useless steel useless steel of steely enterprise and part reclaims in processing a business, move, horsepower of its lead plane differs in 1000~6000HP, broken makings crop can amount to horary useless steel 15~20 ton, 35~45 ton, 60~80 ton, 100~150 ton.

    Our country abandons steel crusher to use the history not to grow, the use unit majority of equipment of this kinds of large processing that abandon steel is large and medium-sized steely enterprise and the useless steel that its belong to reclaim processing function branch. According to rough statistic: At present installation debugs the useless steel that is in manufacturing condition broken automation line (when when including, leaving, stop) be in about 38~40 stage (set) . Among them force emperor, hua Hong is 27 twice about (set) , hold sum total 70% the left and right sides, entrance automation line is in 11~13, occupy 30% . 3. The large packer that abandon steel uses our country the circumstance is large useless steel packer is to point to nominal force, match diligent rate, dimension of material or blank bin, wrap a cut area to wait to be different from apparently medium or small metallic packer, manufacturing efficiency (crop) it is medium or small of equipment multiple or a few times. The person that general nominal force amounts to 400 tons of above says for large packer.

    Go up century the later period in 80 time, the state committee of planning labels the treatment that abandon steel energy-saving project at that time. Ever took the lead constituent metallurgy ministry, bureau of national goods and materials, commercial department is unified to Japan, czech, germany, the country such as Italy purchases a batch of power bigger, specifications is more advanced useless steel packer. Enterprise of armed iron and steel of in order to and useless steel reclaim the Beijing with larger amount, ferry, shanghai and ministry distribute land, city class reclaims enterprise, the country urges policy to buying treatment facilities to execute allowance.

    While the state committee of planning is organizing an entrance to abandon steel to machine equipment, give aid to actively company of Yichang machine tool industry (namely Hubei force emperor) , industry organization produces An Yang related the home such as 2 forge medium or small facilities of the treatment that abandon steel, with changing our country goods and materials to reclaim as soon as possible the industry lacks equipment, be short of primitive and backward appearance of the technology.

    High-power abandons steel packer, as a result of self-prossessed reach oneself volume giant, (housing of material or blank bin can accommodate goods frame to sail room or whole arrogant car) , add an operation, drive system and convenient into, piece makings, need to select opposite hollowness site. Some packer can install leg in cement floor obligate, make region of stage equipment park; Some packer need underground of park of housing of material or blank bin, the bag that abandon steel piece be rolled out from inside obligate chamfer.

    Remember goods and materials of former Hangzhou city reclaiming company and Hangzhou city metal reclaim company carry on promotes road storehouse to choose Yichang to produce 400 tons of packer, discard as useless car cab and car compartment system can bale via simple treatment pressure piece. Area of north of former Shanghai brake and Yang Pu area reclaim the company also has the large packer that abandon steel, can machine cab of large freight car bag piece. Manufacture efficiency to rise, use unit deploys the machine that catch steel or electro-magnet commonly (use at going up to expect, piece expect) .

    After entering new century, our country government is advocated energetically begin circular economy, reclaim renewable resources systematic construction brings into target of various government job, during this, our country abandons a metal to machined the development production of equipment to also get rapid development.

    The large packer abandoning steel that at present management enterprise of our country steely enterprise and renewable resources chooses almost company of emperor of out Hubei force and company of Jiangsu Hua Hong.

    3, foreground of application of facilities of the large treatment that abandon steel is hopeful international steel assist forecast recently: 2010, global iron and steel behaves consumption to will amount to 1.272 billion tons, grow 13.1%.2010 than 2009 year, chinese iron and steel behaves consumption to amount to 579 million tons, grow 6.7% than 2009; 2011, chinese iron and steel behaves consumption to will amount to 599 million tons, those who take global consumption 45% the left and right sides, the steely production of this specification China and steely consumption still are in growth period.

    According to statistic, end by 2009, our country has 752 puddling company, 350 steel-making enterprise, steel rolling enterprise amounts to 4992. These can explain our country steely industry is very useless big, also prove secondhand at the same time, iron and steel industry will grow continuously to abolishing the requirement of steel, what handle via treatment especially is high grade useless steel.

    Accordingly, our country abandons steel to machine equipment foreground to value, to excellent value cheap, fit Chinese national condition, the capacity of market of facilities of the treatment that abandon steel that has environmental protection function will be very tremendous. Fall into disuse backward, pursuit is advanced, advocate environmental protection; Encourage diversity development, normative industry manages, encourage technical innovation, this will be facilities of the treatment that abandon steel henceforth the development direction of a period.

    1. Useless steel crusher develops industry of steel of iron of the " that be popularized policy " and " iron and steel to the industry is adjusted and revitalize program " to ask our country abandons steel industry to establish scientific progress concept, abandon steel change to high-quality goods, implementation product enters furnace. "925 " of 915 " and " period, useless steel crusher is the inevitable requirement that industry of our country useless steel upgrades, will be popularized generally to use. 2015 around, home market has a quantity to predict to will reach 100~150 desk (set) .

    2. Large dragon door is cut will become " the 925 " of development window " of 925 " period period, our country iron and steel industry will leave " two tall " , move toward zoology harmony, replace the sources of energy that discharge carbon clean the sources of energy stage by stage, electric stove steel-making will replace converter steel-making stage by stage, useless steel resource will replace iron ore stage by stage, upgrade as the transition of steely enterprise, high cost can, the small steel-making of tall pollution will do not have vivosphere, lagging machining industry and old home appliance, discard as useless car, mine equipment, project machine will enter concentration to fall into disuse period, many structure abandons steel, beam of mine is big workshop needs large dragon door to cut treatment.

    Additional, the enterprise of a batch of bibcock that is a delegate with limited company of development of Chinese renewable resources is advancing our country renewable resources the industry upgrades and also need to deploy large dragon door to cut in construction of system of network of countrywide renewable resources wait for advanced treatment facilities, in order to improve the technical content of renewable resources industry and manufacturing efficiency.

    3. Muti_function bale, cut machines and tools to as a result of,market potential has packer and the facilities of the compound treatment that abandon steel that cut machine function functional diversification, one machine is multi-purpose, investment is relatively economic, fit our country national condition, this kind of equipment reclaims in our country useless steel treatment domain has definite market potential. Expect to going up automatically, can remove dust go abandoning steel miscellaneously to machine equipment to should encourage development development, because this kind of equipment can improve labor productivity substantially, still can enter furnace with product, clean production matchs, also can promote useless steel to match those who send a system to build at the same time.

    4. The large packer that abandon steel will develop our country moderately advanced level of the development production of facilities of the large treatment that abandon steel and world still has certain difference, same, our country is large the use of facilities of the treatment that abandon steel is unpopular also, the position of this as big as our country iron and steel country does not match.

    Enter " after 925 " , advance what as the loop economy builds energetically, as measure of the energy-saving policy that decrease a platoon step by step thorough, as our country useless steel deserves to send central work up, large scrap iron and steel machines equipment (dragon door is cut, abandon steel crusher, large packer) will be popularized to use gradually. If countrywide each district is reclaiming in the renewable resources that advances actively,the system builds medium sorting center, can choose large dragon door to cut match in order to seize steel opportunity (or electromagnetism acetabulum) form production line, year treatment useless steel can amount to 100 thousand ~20 10 thousand tons. "925 " period, the development production company that our country abandons steel to machine equipment will be greeted new good luck of round of development, useless steel industry will enter our country to revitalize period in the round.