Factory establishing kiln is commonly used metric equipment and actor defect introduce the electron

  • Factory establishing kiln is commonly used metric equipment and actor defect introduce the electron

    Establish kiln cement plant at present metric equipment has commonly used electron: Discharge of type of balance of mensurable electron leather belt, concussion lets, the helix electron balance, rotor balance, law that reduce an amount is metric balance. Their actor, weakness is as follows quite:

    (1) balance of leather belt of constant speed electron is metric precision ± 1% . In 20 centuries 70 time, balance of leather belt of electron of constant speed ration is in our country cement industry rotary kiln is statistic certain effect had in the quantity. But use oscillatory feeder commonly as a result of feeder, the character of oscillatory feeder is wronger, realize stock control steadily for a long time very hard.

    (2) structure of level of timing electron leather belt is compact, volume is minor, quality is light, but comfortable at piece the ration of bead, farinaceous stock gives makings, the work is steady, metric precision is 0.5% ~ 1% . Defect is variation of size of stock of requirement rotary kiln cannot too big, had better use at stock diameter to be less than 50mm.

    (3) the law that reduce an amount is metric the balance is a static state metric. The stock inside the dirt deposit of the wall outside makings storehouse and storehouse sticks a wall to wait not to affect metric precision. Basically be the working principle of tipping bucket balance. Use feeder of double report vibration, report brace up of feeder nonlinear the problem still is, use at burden raw material metric, do not suit to be used at rotary kiln raw material is metric, because Yi Chong expects.

    (4) concussion type flowmeter. Sealing is better, outside having dust, choose, do not pollute an environment, the structure is simple, without drive disk assembly, maintenance amount is small. When the water of raw material and coal the stock when fraction is larger is stuck easily to shock plate to affect precision, and requirement installation height is tall.

    (5) helix electron balance. Belong to quality standard, more accurate than capacity method, it is good that with concussion type flowmeter compares stability, installation height is low, suit old rotary kiln very much of metric system transform. At present the system matching coal of new setup and the metric majority that the system that become a ball gives birth to makings and compound use helix electron level, and need not pound type flowmeter.

    (6) rotor balance. Stock wallop is very small to metric precision influence, the each other of add and symmetrical moment of force that gas produces is quits, do not affect balance of balance put oneself in another's position and precision, on the stock of the conglutinate on blade or balance put oneself in another's position those who accumulate ash to all do not affect rotor balance at 0 o'clock. Stock rate and rotor speed keep consistent, make measure fast precision big spoke to spend rise. This is the farinaceous stock with newest, at present best function plan old equipment, be expected to be able to apply each other more extensively to distribute coal measures interconnected system before long.