The symmetry explanation of crusher structure

  • The symmetry explanation of crusher structure

    Considering the symmetry of crusher structure and working process characteristic, inside a total cycle time that moves in airframe, sluggish returns power is symmetrical, and airframe structure is on the space also close to at complete semmetry, can think it is the strange function of a section linear about origin semmetry. Because implode breaks the main shaft of awl passes fluctuation two connection board with the axis of two vibrator solid is received, vibrator issues two connection board to drive vibration of implode broken awl through going up, implode broken awl is so opposite at outside of broken awl motion is in action of the drive outside getting near the position evenly ceaseless vibration. Go up from Xoy level observe whole system is in X (or Y) direction or the motion that lose way, to load and uninstalling time lag to answer force character is consistent, what what differ is to be being lost return power to time lag phasic as it happens differs 1800. Because the character of X direction and Y direction is identical, go to the lavatory to study an issue, it is with X direction exemple will consider. Assume ore expects the layer distributings equably inside whole and broken space, and the grain size in makings layer is evener, connecting general reason condition to fall, makings layer and implode break certain space can be had between awl. Motion is initiative level, below prompt outside cycle action, implode is broken because awl general achieves fixed athletic rate and towards stand by be expressed inside fixed awl and direction moves.
    After crossing clearance, the orgnaization begins to to load process. Medium stress meet an emergency accumulates stock layer to increase ceaselessly, but this vogue is in missile to be out of shape level. Motion orders 2 part to some, begin to appear in stock layer succumb phenomenon, appear subsequently plasticity is out of shape, one to one correspondence relation exists no longer between stress and meet an emergency, concern with to load course however.
    The watch is macroscopical now go up, the sluggish that is systematic generation is answered restore force and implode broken awl is opposite at a few outside certain one to one correspondence only value is had to concern no longer between the opposite displacement of broken awl, concern with the course of past to load of the orgnaization however. The influence that considering clearance of platoon be used to, mouth and makings layer actual ply moves to the system, the opposite displacement of mantle can not increase indefinitely, after mantle achieves ultimate displacement, crusher compose will is in to uninstall condition. Before and had mentioned, crusher compose makes stock layer is played Zhong Li's effect impossibly, so stock won't happen to succumb reversely. Assume stock layer plays plasticity material for ideal, similar ground can think to uninstall curve and parallel of photograph of to load curve, namely stiffness of process to load is equal to a process to uninstall stiffness. After stock layer produces plasticity to be out of shape, the system begins to uninstall, sluggish answers force to be able to decrease finally to 0. Be in retrorse to load and when uninstalling, systematic movement condition also with to to load and uninstall a circumstance identical, the X that is establish with the person (or Y) axis to contrary. The place on put together is narrated, build two-way semmetry to clearance linear sluggish returns power nonlinear if the model pursues 5.2 are shown.

    To Electromechanical system, sluggish answers character is one kind is compared common nonlinear feature. According to the action to oscillatory system, can differentiate it is two kinds: One kind is of damp property, waste energy and make oscillatory attenuation of the system. Common example has loop-line of material internal resistance, mechanical attrition, magnetic hysteresis to wait a moment. The lag character that article place studies belongs to this kind. Still one kind is negative damp , the energy of its complement system and make vibration gets strengthening. In occurrence self excited vibration of the likelihood in this kind of system or the circumstance of self-oscillation, common example is electromagnetism relay; The motion between the spacing switch that slide block of an iron magnetism controls electro-magnet in two also is belonged to one at this kind of circumstance. Force character is answered in sluggish in the model, the trend of character of lag of these two kinds of systems is contrary.
    damp circumstance is edge clockwise normally, negative damp circumstance is an edge normally anticlockwise direction. In the actual and broken process of system of crusher of vibration of drive of double electric machinery, because fly,mantle and the opposite motion form that decide awl, stock is out of shape character and be out of shape of the space different, make sluggish answers character to present its unique character, what put forward a kind of section linear that has sense of the Cheng on the model thereby is nonlinear sluggish returns a model. Normally difficult Ding Yu decides the parameter that sluggish returns a model, and phyletic to differring mine stone layer, and the makings layer that grain of distinct size size forms akin ore, model parameter will produce change. In actual process, the method that uses a test commonly will decide specific parameter.