PF strike back the rotor circumstance of type crusher

  • PF strike back the rotor circumstance of type crusher

    Into makings mouth big, broken pitch is high, get used to stock hardness tall, piece pink of degree of stone of big, product is little.

    PF-I series strikes back type crusher series suits at hard rock broken, its model granite gives makings granuality ≤40mm to occupy 90% . In rotor circumferential on fixed installation is worn the bar that has certain height, rotor drives high speed to roll by V of electric thought classics leather belt. Broken the stock classics housing after is lower give makings mouth discharge. Strike back the bar of type crusher: Strike back broken bar wears away to answer to be adjusted in time when certain level or change, in order to avoid the loss of fastener and other part. Fragile fittings is running characteristic of medium another operating mode is: The pounds hammer and tall hardness quartzite that high speed runs collides repeatedly, temperature of surface of concussion hammer job is as high as 500—600 ℃ , accordingly, fight grind material to need enough tenacity and hardness are had below higher temperature.