SBM strikes back type makes arenaceous machine more wear-resisting is practical

  • SBM strikes back type makes arenaceous machine more wear-resisting is practical

    Strike back type crusher is a kind of common mine uses device, make arenaceous, aggregate production, cannot leave to turn over checkmate. Holding significant position in production of cement plant limestone especially. When striking back type crusher is choosing, need notices wearability. The charge that is thrown every year in crusher maintenance otherwise will be a not small amount.
    When striking back type crusher works, electric machinery high speed rotates drive rotor to do high speed exercise. Stock by enter into makings mouth strike back type crusher, bump what high speed rotates to strike back hammer, stock followings strike back hammer uses next bumping to strike back in centrifugal master piece board. Bump in stone strike back can mutual stroke is returned between the stone in the process of edition and stone, undertake striking back stone hits type crusher the working principle of stone. The stock that the stroke that stone strikes back make a round trip inside antrum in 3 accords with a requirement finally is eliminated to strike back type crusher.
    The basis strikes back the working characteristic of type crusher, SBM strikes back type crusher used harder wear-resisting data, make crusher strengthened wearability, improve at the same time strike back type crusher structure, yes the structure is simple, reduced airframe weight, also facilitate change fittings. In should turning over checkmate to still a characteristic produces a course, stone can form protective ground floor, airframe is not had wear away, wear well. SBM strikes back the characteristic of type crusher yes he more wear-resisting is used. Regard the common crusher in mine crusher as model, must raise product quality to escort the Emperor for broken job convoy.