The characteristic respect with broken another name for Hubei province

  • The characteristic respect with broken another name for Hubei province

    The advantage of crusher of type of another name for Hubei province is productivity tall, the structure is simple and reliable, broken bigger (it is 6 ~ commonly 8) , over all dimension is lesser, it is easier to the spare parts is checked and change, the operation is safeguarded handy, need not relatively the worker of hi-tech level but tender can operate, applied range is wide, compare with other type crusher, jam not easily. Use it because this project is medium generally to come broken all sorts of hardness 92500 kilograms / centimeter the following) stone, often make thick in mixing, break equipment. Use at broken limit compressive strength to just do not exceed 2000 kilograms commonly / centimeter fruit of stone effectiveness for a given period of time is better. Its defect is stone of shape of unfavorable broken fragment, working intermittence, have idling stroke, need is very big swing body, increase nonproductive of energy use up, when broken plasticity and damp stock, jam easily give makings opening. Because very large force arises when the job, airframe swings big, the job is not smooth, concussion, vibration and noise are bigger. Because this needs installation to be on the coagulation graph foundation of more self-prossessed than the machine big fivefold above, must take vibration isolation step. Crusher of type of large another name for Hubei province still should install the firm bridge that burying locate foundation to go up to go up.