Finely and efficient breaking equipment -- hydraulic pressure is conic type crusher

  •   Hydraulic pressure is conic crusherBe a kind recently high-power, big broken than, run reliable breaking equipment, basically be aimed at the efficient crusher with finely stock, former some of this machine union is conic broken character, apply to fine defeat and exceed fine defeat hard rock, design, scoria, fireproof material, conic crusher uses hydraulic pressure extensively at metallurgical industry, construction industry, build region industry, chemical industry and phosphatic industry, more convenient and hard with in hard ore, be like: Iron ore, copper mine stone, limestone, stone stone, granite, basalt, diabase, river pebble, broken speech type is decided by ore utility, standard type is applied to in broken, medium-sized apply to finely, short head dummy is applied to super- finely.

    Hydraulic pressure is conic the occurrence of crusher, better application is produced at arenaceous stone, with arenaceous stone factory hand in hand win-win. It not only raised productivity and broken efficiency to still expand to use range, arrive from limestone basalt, produce all sorts of ore crusher from stone, it is OK again all sorts of in broken, finely, borrowed year old of exercise is medium provide unapproachable broken performance, it is the important equipment with indispensable industry of current ore construction, it is the ideal equipment with large stone factory and broken mining industry, this equipment was used relatively the broken frequency of beautiful and eccentric shafe, make content of form of broken product granule high, the content that is less than the edge that close a mouth to discharge makings mouth bead reachs equal amount, increase the processing capacity of succeeding activity significantly, reduce integrated specific power consumption, its high-powered broken antrum dry up the satisfactory union of tall broken frequency, processing capability rises greatly, use lamination to cut broken principle, broken finished product is cubic structure more, the needle decreased on great rate piece shape stock.

    When conic crusher works, hydraulic pressure is pass electromotor rotate drive belt annulus or shaft coupling, transmission shaft and conic ministry are done in arbor of the deflect below axes line periodic come back place motion, because get,after stock enters broken antrum from makings mouth the mutual concussion of eccentric shafe squashs, abrade, knead produces broken effect thereby, happy event of hydraulic pressure insurance is used iron fault can cross in machine happening hydraulic pressure is passed when phenomenon of frowsty perhaps car will prop up cover and decide awl ministry content of breakdown of top class eduction, having very good insurance effect while reduced maintenance rate to reach greatly improve manufacturing efficiency.

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