Floatation is one of the most important mineral separation methods

  • Floatation is one of the most important mineral separation methods

    Floatation is one of the most important mineral separation methods

    According to statistic, the nonferrous metal ore deposit that has 90% is handled with floatation law. Gnathic type crusher in addition floatation law is used extensively still at rare metal, precious metal, black metal, metalloid and of the mineral raw material such as coal anthology not.

    In recent years, still undertake with floatation law water quality is purified domestic and internationally, sewage disposal. The applied limits of visible floatation law is quite extensive. Compare with photograph of method of other mineral separation, when with floatation law choosing fastens ore of granule be contaminated, the effect better and contrast economy reasonable. Floatation law is commonly used also fasten thick bead or degree of finish at choosing the granule part of ore of inhomogenous be contaminated.

    In floatation process, mineral ups and downs has nothing to do with mineral density almost.

    For instance chalcopyrite and quartz, former density is 4.2, latter is 2.66, but weigh mineral chalcopyrite very easy rise, quartz is heavy instead in bottom. Classics research discovery is mineral but buoyancy and its are concerned to the affinity size of water, always as big as water affinity, easy by water embellish wet mineral, be hard to adhere to go up in bleb, difficult float. And as small as water affinity, not easy by water embellish wet mineral, easy rise. Because this can say, floatation is with mineral the mineral separation method that is differred to be a foundation by water wetability.

    Call the quality of mineral Yi Fu and difficult float commonly mineral but buoyancy. Floatation is used namely mineral but the difference of buoyancy will assign mineral separation content.

    In contemporary floatation process, the application of floatation drug especially important, after be being handled because of classics floatation drug, can change mineral but buoyancy, those who make want float is mineral can adhere to optionally at bleb, achieve the goal of mineral separation thereby.

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