Equipment of product line of SBM Potassium feldspar is sold for Guangzhou client privilege

  • Equipment of product line of SBM Potassium feldspar is sold for Guangzhou client privilege

  • SBM machinery makes Guangzhou distribute telephone call + the use of feldspar of Potassium of equipment of product line of feldspar of the equipment of mineral separation of 86-21-58386189 major production, equipment that elect iron, Potassium is very extensive, those who pass pair of potassium feldspar is broken make sand, can machine potassium feldspar the sanded stone aggregate that uses into the building, sand granuality can achieve 1mm to arrive 30mm, give makings size adjustable controallable. Undertake to potassium feldspar again abrade can become treatment potassium feldspar pink, granuality of pink of its Potassium feldspar can achieve: 500-1200 eye, can use at producing ceramic, glasswork or manufacturing potash fertilizer are used.

    Potassium feldspar crusher is the new generation crusher that company newest development rolls out, but the broken stock that make sand is in for hardness all sorts of stone under 7 class, include: Potassium feldspar, stone stone, calcite, granite, basalt, lime cliff, river pebble, cement grog, iron ore, the ore such as aluminous alumina. At the same time potassium feldspar makes sanded machine also is the main breaking equipment that supplies artificial sanded stone, for advanced course highway, railroad, irrigation works, the airport, building, cement, be able to bear or endure material, treat the industry such as gold to offer the high grade sanded stone that accords with national level. Before undertaking making sand, need to have one class to ore broken, we are recommended for you at present the most commonly used gnathic type crusher. Potassium feldspar produces line function characteristic: 1. Structure simple, cost is low hold; 2 concurrently. Tall; 3 of efficient and energy-saving, broken efficiency. Have; 4 of function of finely, kibble. Through be not broken stock ability strong, get stock water share the impact is little, water content can amount to 8%; 5. But broken in especially hard, hard stock (if corundum, agglomeration is aluminous vanadium earth) ; 6. The product shows cube, iron pollutes small; 7. Impeller and eddy move the stock inside broken antrum to decrease substantially from line wear away a charge and maintenance workload; 8. Operation maintenance, installation is convenient; 9. Between working a confusion of voices under 75 decibel (DB class) ; 10 weight is light, install means diversity, the characteristic such as portable type installation.

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