Fireproof material treatment uses broken series product extensively

  • Fireproof material treatment uses broken series product extensively

    In recent years, progress of career of construction of our country economy is swift and violent, steely crop increases ceaselessly, already jumped house world the 2nd. Accordingly, grow rock of line of new-style and high grade silicon fireproof material, replace raw common tall aluminous material, have considerable market perspective. Specific in light of, stone of line of new-style and high grade silicon is fireproof the application of material meets what mate spends rise.

    The industry such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry is in the times that technical development and craft change. All these makes the development of new-style and fireproof material and application. The new-style and high grade fireproof material that this project produces accords with the old tendency that home market develops. Look from the amount, at present our country produces expensive aluminous fireproof stuff every year to make an appointment with 800 thousand tons, among them high grade expensive aluminous fireproof stuff holds series of silicon line stone only 10% , about 80 thousand tons.

    Increase ceaselessly according to output of our country steel, open-hearth furnace is replaced to wait for a characteristic by converter and electric stove place stage by stage, the market demand of fireproof material still shows ascendant trend. In building materials industry, of the ceaseless progress that produces technology like float law glass and vitreous dissolve pool large change, and of furnace of advanced to abroad cellar introduce etc. Other if the building materials industry such as glass, cement is swift and violent also,develop, these bring about fireproof material breed and crop to show growth trend. In addition, in certain circumstance, fireproof material still can replace silicon line stone the Molaishi with high price is qualitative fireproof material. It is with fireproof material with blast furnace exemple, the denaturation fighting squirm that the blast furnace hot-blast stove of the 1250 stere above that be built in recent years or heavies repair asks with tall aluminous brick it is certain to have can, already used brick of low creep of silicon line stone partly below domestic existence condition. If steely enterprise is medium,wind force of lukewarm, fire operates the Gao Feng of blast furnace and of blast furnace large change, macrobian life is changed; Casting field is joined in steel-making, converter and technology of electric stove steel-making progress, especially of high power and freeboard power electric stove rise ceaselessly.

    Be aimed at fireproof material treatment, if crusher of machinery of our country famous mine, grinder and equipment of all sorts of clastic rock breaking equipment that make production of limited company of machine of SBM of Henan of manufacturer of arenaceous machine research and development and milling are thick series of crusher of broken gnathic type is mobile and broken station, medium break strike back type crusher series moves finely and broken station, conic broken series is broken station, , finely tall. In the ore under hardness, of rock and fireproof material with. Compare the result with general and broken more exceedingly good machine in fireproof material and mining industry especially. In last few years, be applied extensively still at broken steel arenaceous wait for an industry.

    The ceaseless research and development that passes member of ensemble of branch of company technology research and development, thereby with " science and technology is productivity " this catchword comes to those who serve as development to lead way, crusher of type of VSI5X series concussion (new-style make arenaceous machine) it is crystallization of our research and development. A kind of brand-new efficient crusher. VSI5X series pounds crusher to have the new generation product of multinomial and own patent property right at the same time, collect 3 kinds of broken mode at an organic whole, make the core equipment of mechanism arenaceous industry. Crusher of VSI5X concussion type (new-style make arenaceous machine) the domain application in fireproof material is more wide, additional, crusher of VSI5X concussion type (new-style make arenaceous machine) the production that is used extensively still at artificial sand, it is good to have look of finished product bead, into arenaceous rate tall, fineness modulus is adjustable, into produce cost low good point.