The antirust processing of mine breaking equipment and the method that divide rust

  • The antirust processing of mine breaking equipment and the method that divide rust

    Arrived autumn has some of local rainwater increase, northward, northwest area also is about to enter winter. Mine equipment, especially crusher equipment, working strength is great, working environment is quite harsh also, if come up against long unsuited work requirement, make breaking equipment long do not work namely, be about to face the problem with rusty equipment likely, affect broken quality and work efficiency then.

    Breaking equipment is rusty cause reduction in production not only, work efficiency drops, upkeep costs increases etc, dangerous also can endanger staff member security. So precautionary breaking equipment rusts is the important segment that crusher nurses daily.

    When using device for long, must want to examine lacquer case, have repair according to particular case, antiseptic should undertake daub in key place, if flywheel is written down from eccentric shafe, interface must pursue antiseptic undertakes protective. If be not used for long, should assure crusher often undertake test-drive runs, at least 5 minutes, crusher and its debus place can be raised with bracket case avoid be contacted with the ground. To prevent sundry enter bearing, want the oil with enough daub to undertake protective, the bearing on frame interface of interface and frame, bracket and bracket Kong Ye of interface, pull rod should besmear have antiseptic.

    If discover equipment has appeared because of be not being used for long,rust evidence, undertake dividing rubiginous working with respect to need. Those who use action of high-pressured water efflux to cooperate equipment of crusher of take out of water skiing working to go up is rustily with coating. Such doing won't have fly ash pollution, also won't injure armor plate, improve the efficiency that divide rust greatly. After such undertaking that divide rust, want besmear to return rust in order to prevent except rubiginous coating. Also can use chemical agent to divide rust. Basically be to use acid and metallic oxide to produce chemical reaction, get rid of thereby a kind of of the rustily child of surface of metal of efficient crusher equipment method that divide rust, the pickling that says normally namely divides rust, this can be operated inside the workshop only except rust.