Stone product line is in the importance in arenaceous stone aggregate

  • The high speed that passes project as me develops, the demand of the plant layout of broken project is higher and higher, manufacturing building, highway, the uses sand and stone special product line of the industry such as railroad --Stone product line, also call arenaceous stone product line, the value in project cannot be ignored.

    Stone product line produces manufacturing finished product to include stone and artificial sand, be equivalent to stone product line and the product line that make sand, can use in each industries, stone product line can satisfy the requirement that stone and artificial sand produce at the same time, rate of automation of stone product line is high, moving cost is low, broken efficiency is tall, energy-saving, crop is big, product granuality is even, bead look is good, grading is reasonable, the arenaceous Shi Fu that production gives closes national level. Stone product line basically hasGnathic type crusher, oscillatory feeder, Turn over checkmate, Vibrating separator, make arenaceous machine andLeather belt conveyerWait for equipment composition, to satisfy different client need can be deployed conic broken, remove dust equipment, in stone production process, chunk stock is sent equably into gnathic type crusher to undertake by oscillatory feeder via makings storehouse thick broken, thick the stone after breaking moves a knife to turn over checkmate to undertake by conveyer next broken, finely the stone after sends vibrating separator to undertake screening by conveyer, screening gives the cobble that centers different specifications, the cobble that contented granuality asks is sent to finished product batch pile by conveyer, the cobble that does not accord with granuality requirement is returned by conveyer send turn over checkmate to undertake again broken, form closed circuit for many times to circulate, finished product granuality can ask to undertake combine and classificationing by the client.

       Arenaceous Shi Sheng produces a lineCan rock, arenaceous stone, the stock such as river pebble makes those who accord with a building to ask with sand all sorts of granuality, the sanded size that makes by arenaceous stone product line is even, compression intensity is high, far than natural arenaceous more accord with construction demand, improve construction quality, arenaceous stone product line has property reliable, the design is reasonable, the operation is convenient wait for an advantage. In technological process of this product line, because various breaking equipment matchs,close manage and precise dimensional across position, because this covers an area of an area small, investment benefit is tall, broken stone quality is good, stone pink yields the characteristic with low rate, deserve to have at the same time recently electronic-controlled operating system, ensured whole technological process gives the series job with expedite makings.

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