Reduce return waste time of checkmate broken function, does SBM have He Liang plan?

  • Reduce return waste time of checkmate broken function, does SBM have He Liang plan?

    Broken wait for the heavy foreword in the domain than be compasses of mine, building, road to build, right now little not the use of breaking equipment. And notorious, endowment cost is produced to hold high very in what throw on body of this kind of equipment, no matter be built at the factory, solid still produce in all meet bad news drops not little expense follow makings endowment. Because this will break makings efficiency appreciates, fall meaning of its specific power consumption is far-reaching and great. SBM is small now make up fall in order to oppose checkmate broken machine specific power consumption is example, will discuss next my factories to settle sound strategy to this.
    1, according to relevant and academic knowledge, combine hypothesis of equivalent of equipment meet an emergency to learn, SBM expert concludes reach, strike back crusher breaks loss late of the specific power consumption in material process is the same as the formula between loss variable, reach thereby cut the critical region cost that compares specific power consumption of the losing in whole Cheng.
    2, set with the compose of equipment for reference fiducial, union expects within machine spread all over what is actually happening, build power of equipment electric machinery the model. Accordingly the waste case of power of equipment of model cipher out.
    3, the what is actually happening getting power that passes pair of this equipment bar tries to analyse, with relevant instrument will the stress of this board is worth cipher out. Be opposite thereby the compose of bar rectify and reform, compose change after changing, the stress of this board won't too center and and expend the sources of energy, and whole board when birthday longer, whole platform strikes back the specific power consumption of crusher was worth to be worth in order to fall.