Turn over the breakdown with common checkmate to believe friendly heavy industry to know

  • Turn over the breakdown with common checkmate to believe friendly heavy industry to know

    Turn over the breakdown with common checkmate to believe friendly heavy industry to know:

    1, turn over checkmate / when striking back type defeats machine idling, bottom gives the clash that shows a metal. When crusher of type of another name for Hubei province holds the job for nothing, clash of bottom occurrence metal may be the following the reason of two respects:

    (Bearing of 1) , thrust board medium or spacer regulating unit is medium occurrence clash, because bedspring of pull rod amortize is stretch,be commonly disappear or damage, strong bedspring is pressed incompactly create roll, should move board of another name for Hubei province, bracket, airframe 3 person union is not close together, make bracket head and generation of two upright bearing are bumped, or adjust bump each other between spacer, should originally closely in time till impaction nut disappears till clash.

    (2) , possible still it is bracket bearing slide block wears away head of serious or flabby, bracket wears away badly, answer to change in time.

    2, the job from time to tome metallic clash, scaleboard shakes. This kind of phenomenon often is scaleboard of broken antrum side and toothed segment (move, calm) become loose, or close solid screw becomes loose or rupture cause, should originally closely in time or change.

    3, hind bracket ruptures frequent. Bracket is divided after outside transferring power, the inadequacy that still relies on its intensity has insurance effect. Besides bracket mid intensity passes low, its intensity can't overcome because of the broken power that normal and broken ore produces attaint outside, the likelihood is pull rod bedspring press too closely, make plus the broken force when the job its overload and rupture, can move loose spring appropriately.

    4, flywheel circumgyrate, crusher does not work. Because screw cap of pull rod bedspring and pull rod attaint, pull rod is taken off,the reason is buckle make bracket from the emergence in bearing slide block, also may be bracket ruptures fall off, should change afresh installation.

    5, flywheel swings significantly, eccentric shafe circumgyrate is slow. Because leather belt annulus and flywheel bolt,this breakdown is become loose or damage, annulus with the axis cannot synchronous roll.

    6, broken product bead coarsens, it is broken scaleboard bottom serious tatty result. Should exchange toothed segment up and down or change new scaleboard, adjust the mouth that discharge mine to reach the size of the requirement.

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