The component part material that restricts character of movement of disintegrator of duplicate palate type suffers mechanical restrain

  • The 1 horn that send force

    Aleatoric hour, bracket and move what jaw and frame contact nod to connect line and move jaw or the included angle between normal of frame contact dot, call the part that send force, with express. Bracket is right the force edge bracket that uses jaw or frame contacts a dot to deliver even the line, this line is called send line of force.

    If 1 is shown, CC0 is frame gasket, b 0D0 is move jaw.

    Initiative hour, b0D0 CC0, bracket axes B 0C0 and coincide of N 0- N0 of normal of dot of the contact that move jaw (the dotted line in the graph is initiative hour) , pass force horn = 0 right now. Aleatoric hour, the gasket that move jaw moves BD position, because move jaw to make general and planar motion, the campaign that uses jaw so is translation and rotational synthesis. B is the posture point of contact that uses jaw and bracket, the opposite translation that uses jaw and bracket are slip have nothing to do, decide to be opposite at moving jaw only the opposite roll of bracket. Right now, the point of view that changes jaw to had turned is 2, pass line of force to be BC.

    By geometry the relation can be gotten, = 2/ 2. The shift that move jaw arrives BD position, bracket force delivers direction to contact a dot to be frame and bracket along BC.C, the normal that crosses C is N- N, criterion BCP or PBC are the horn that send force (because of two end circular arc is in same and circumferential on) , = BCP, BCP = BPn/ 2, PB BD, pn B 0D0. So, BPn= 2, = 2/ 2, i.e. passes force horn to be equal to move jaw to had turned of angle.

    The relation of the 2 horn that send force and pressure angle

    If what show, in aleatoric hour, the motion that move jaw arrives BD and bracket are tangent nod at B, frame and bracket are tangent nod at C. Connect BC, the basis passes force horn to define, to pass force part. The pressure way that action chooses at the B on bracket is edge BP, the B on bracket nods athletic way to be edge BQ, according to pressure angle definition, driven direction of on a bit absolute motion and acute angle of clip of place of pressure action line are pressure angle, criterion PBQ is pressure angle, with express.

    Concern by geometry, BQC is a right-angled triangle, QBC is right angle, have, + = 90, i.e. , the pressure angle of bracket orgnaization and the sum of the horn that send force are 90, both each other is complement.

    The mechanical condition of 3 bracket pure scroll is analysed

    The basic theory of pure scroll of 3 1 cylinder

    Cylinder is in scroll, if with interface osculatory part does not have opposite motion, call pure scroll. When cylinder makes pure roll, the relation of the angular velocity that the translation speed P of its axes and cylinder circle its axes is P= R (R is bracket radius, similarly hereinafter) , beg to time guide, can get axes acceleration the relation of AP and angular acceleration is A P= R, namely the kinematic requirement that cylinder makes pure roll is type (1) .

    P= R, AP= R (1)

    If cylinder photograph makes pure roll to sustaining a scale, criterion the with the surface contact that prop up ministry dispenses on cylinder has opposite motion tendency between the face that prop up but without opposite motion, cylinder and the attrition force between the face that prop up are static friction force.

    Cylinder is in scroll, interface produces deformation because of extruding, prop up significant action to choose deviate axle center, produce the moment with a rotational block up, call rolling friction moment of force, if 3 are shown, right now, cylinder and there is rolling friction effect between the face that prop up.

    3 2 bracket gets force analysis

    Move jaw to drive next sufferring to have brace pulling force in electric machinery, use jaw and bracket posture contact, suffer the effect of static friction strength that bracket prevents his to move. Bracket suffers have move jaw the pressure N1 to its, as contrary as attrition force direction active force F1 on way of the movement that move jaw, frame is right a N returning power of bracket and F of static friction force. Bracket suffers force to if 4 are shown,be analysed.

    Axis of X of your bracket edge rolls (X axis parallel is filled up at frame line planar) , outside dividing F of static friction force, it is with axes simplify center. Those who set all force that bracket gets advocate direction of arrowy edge X is F X, advocate quadrature is My, m F= MJ+ MG of attrition moment of force (MJ is static friction moment of force, m G is rolling friction pitching moment) , the athletic acceleration of axes is type (2) , bracket circles the angular acceleration of axes to be type (3) , among them I is bracket moment of inertia.

    P= (Fx+ F) / M (2)

    = (My+ Mf) / I (3)

    According to (1) , get bracket to make pure scroll be type without slip condition getting power (4) . Because, m F = - Rf- M G, take the place of (4) , get static friction force to be F= < M (M Y - M G) R- IF X > / (Mr 2 + I) .

    (F X + F) M= (M Y + M F) R/ I (4) additional, when bracket makes pure roll, what suffer static friction force to should be less than the biggest static friction force F Max, satisfy type namely (5) . Type (5) it is the mechanical requirement that bracket makes pure roll.

    F Max | < M (M Y - M G) R- IF X > / (Mr 2 + I) | (5)

    3 3 expresses the concern of force horn and angle of friction

    The action of the bracket in crusher compose is to prop up move gnathic, overload is protected and transfer power. Deliver dynamical efficiency to make the biggest, bracket should not appear in motion slip, and roll only, such, what can avoid the resistance that brings because of sliding friction and generation bracket is quick wear away. Know by theory of tall deputy orgnaization, the mechanical condition of contented pure scroll can rely on attrition force to come true only, and the law of the size of attrition force and line of two twinkling heart is concerned to pressure and coefficient of friction, the material of coefficient of friction and component is concerned.

    By (5) type knows, in bracket motion, the extraction of the F of static friction force that suffers is worth limits to be 0 F Fmax= %J, among them %J is static friction coefficient. The resultant force that bracket place gets a N that return power and attrition force F is called always return power, express with R. In the orgnaization, pass line of force and always counter strength effect line, all contact the normal quantity of the dot to take with bracket and frame, if 5 are shown.

    So, with the relation has 3 kinds of cases. (1) < , right now bracket passes action of line of force to be in angle of friction, bracket orgnaization sliding friction is locked up oneself. (2) = , bracket is passed line of force and always turn over coincide of strength effect line, bracket is in slip and critical condition. (3) > , line of bracket strength effect exceeds angle of friction, bracket will appear slip phenomenon.

    So, bracket orgnaization is pure roll and having slip condition is, and = Arctan% , namely bracket orgnaization passes force horn to be less than the angle of friction that is equal to frame.

    By above derivation can be gotten, assure bracket pure scroll and do not have slip condition and bracket place horn to have nothing to do.

    4 conclusion

    The horn that send force and pressure angle each other are complement, namely + = 90, bracket orgnaization is pure roll and having slip condition is, assure bracket pure scroll and do not have slip condition and bracket place horn to have nothing to do.