The quality that the Shi Fenhan in arenaceous stone measures is controlled

  • The quality that the Shi Fenhan in arenaceous stone measures is controlled

    Content of pink of artificial sand stone points to to the content of the grain of 0.16mm is less than in artificial sand, the grain that 0.08mm is less than in pink of artificial sand stone can regard a kind of inert sophisticate as makings look upon, proper stone pink content can improve the workability of concrete, raise concrete close-grained , advantageous to improving concrete performance. In home, concrete of great majority hydroelectric station asks with arenaceous technology parameter in, stone pink content asks to be in 6-18% , press concrete to measure requirement 12-22% with arenaceous Shi Fenhan to grinding. Stone system grinds domestic large artificial sand mostly press arenaceous Shi Fenhan to measure inadequacy, also the project measures phenomenon exceeding bid to happen with arenaceous Shi Fenhan.

    Requirement of standard of general more high-energy and contented quality also has the stone pink content in the artificial sand in arenaceous craft of dry legal system the circumstance that discovers content of existence stone pink is more than a standard, should consider a share at this moment wet production, pink of stone of scour off part or choose fan cleaner equipment pink of epispastic part stone, in order to satisfy standard requirement. At present a kind of 3 depart choose powdery machine to use Yu Jinbing successfully project of one class hydroelectric station, test result obtained favorable result.

    The Shi Fenhan in the artificial sand in arenaceous craft of wet legal system measures general and inferior most project to all ask to reclaim partial stone pink needs with satisfying a project. The stone pink in artificial sand of project of water and electricity reclaims to basically machinery reclaims means and return debit form artificially two kinds. In scale of production of stone of large artificial sand, or the project with narrow field, need to design stone pink to reclaim on craft workshop (or say fine arenaceous reclaim workshop) . Be about to screening workshop and the stone pink that in making water of overflow of grader of arenaceous workshop helix, take away shed a pool through collect, farewell closes use. Choose international to go up to come back advancedly at present stream vacuum dewatering equipment is more. In scale of production of stone of small-sized artificial sand, or the project with capacious field, also collect labour of choose and employ persons to return debit form, will control the stone pink content in artificial sand. Namely arenaceous to be being washed in manufacturing process machine discharges overflow water to undertake depositing dehydration naturally, what deposit dehydration hind naturally is fine arenaceous can cooperate straight discharge with fork-lift truck motor transportation undertakes additive. To control stone pink content effectively, often take the following step:

    (1) passes ceaseless test, the accretion that controls stone pink effectively is measured.

    (2) adds a bottle of powdery wall in Shi Fentian with pulsator, fight next installation grader of a helix, through helix grader even ground is added to machine of adhesive plaster of finished product arenaceous stored in a barn, make stone pink gets mixture equably.

    (3) liquid waste handles a workshop to stand by machine of finished product arenaceous adhesive plaster as far as possible, can use adhesive plaster machine successful have a change of luck, classics filter press does the Shi Fengan cake after changing to process inattentive and pulverous account via Shuang Gun crusher, prevent Shi Fencheng group.

    (4) should consider field of store up of pink of a stone in construction general arrangement, store up field can adjust already add a capacity, can reduce moisture content through natural dehydrate again, adjust on certain level the moisture content with arenaceous finished product.

    3.6 fineness the quality control of modulus

    Be in wet when production, general configuration rod mill is made arenaceous, of artificial sand fineness modulus control technology depends on rod mill and fine arenaceous answer knock off art. When Gan Shisheng is produced, the content that its are less than 0.16mm grain already existed arenaceous in, need not consider to reclaim fine grained. Handle vertical scroll of painting or calligraphy on one hand in the quality control with arenaceous finished product broken make arenaceous as broken as classics multistage after thick arenaceous, its are fineness modulus slants big question, go on craft the thick grain that drops share of 3 one 5mm, make of its oneself fineness get controlling. Emphasize cent on the other hand

    From the content that handles particle of 0 one 0.16mm, in order to make sure control finished product is arenaceous fineness modulus. Control finished product for effective ground arenaceous fine

    Spend modulus to take the following step:

    (1) checks through the experiment arenaceous fineness modulus, make finished product arenaceous fineness modulus control is inside formulary limits.

    (If 2) discovers fineness modulus slants big, grain grading deviation, should adjust rod mill to take makings bead way, a set number that wait into the makings quantity, quantity that hold a bar or adjusts screening building, adjust output.

    (3) adjusts the screen mesh diameter of screening building, also can adjust grain grading and fineness modulus.

    (4) has a lot of systems to deploy exceed finely workshop to have thick arenaceous plastic, adjust effectively arenaceous fineness modulus and grading composition.

    The quality of 3.7 moisture content is controlled

    Arrive to make moisture content is reduced inside formulary limits and stable, did at present large project basically adopt: of mechanical dehydrate means? Does natural dehydrate of? of take along sth to sb of beach of こ of travel ⌒ protruding give priority to: ? ? of Ping of Bei of Zhuang of die young of Qia of fine Da of sacrificial meat of inclined box of  of  of Qiao Xiang expostulate with expects to caboodle arenaceous storehouse undertakes be transforminged reasonably mixing store up is OK also and effective moisture content of control artificial sand. Take following step commonly:

    (1) should use machinery to take off above all in average system craft arenaceous in major moisture. Use at present most is craft of vibrating separator dehydrate, classics is linear after dewatering screen dehydrate arenaceous, can of 20%-23% of will former moisture content arenaceous take off 14%-17%; to also have use it is good to have dehydration effect investment expenses is corresponding big vacuum evaporation and centrifugal dehydrate.

    (Dehydrate of the makings below 2) artificial sand, store up and artificial sand take those who expect departure undertakes, can make after 3-5d of dehydrate of general store up hydrous reduce 6% less than and stable.

    (The artificial sand of artificial sand of 3) desiccate law and dewatering screen mixes enter finished product arenaceous storehouse, can reduce arenaceous moisture content.

    (4) in finished product arenaceous storehouse coping is built set prevent canopy, bottom irrigates arenaceous storehouse built concrete floor and establishment of blind channel catchment. Every storehouse puts makings hind to undertake clearing to blind channel, accelerate natural dehydrate time. Also can reduce finished product arenaceous water content effectively.

    The quality of aggregate of finished product arenaceous stone: The quality artificial sand that decides oneself of raw material of Yu Sha stone above all content of grain of the weakness in stone aggregate, clay content, needle piece form content, still have finished product in addition arenaceous moisture content, fineness modulus and the performance that Shi Fenhan measures pair of concrete also have major effect, and the cement dosage that affects concrete on certain level, because this must be in manufacturing process,try to be controlled strictly.

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