The ideal equipment that disintegrator of the 2nd acting tire gets used to this to ask just about

  • Long-term since, industry turning over an embryo supplied many usable tire for economic construction all the time, enterprise turning over an embryo is in an enterprise all the time economic benefits is low, labor intensity is being maintained hardly below the state with big, not high quality turning over an embryo. Turn over fetal quality to solve not tall, glue pink is broken more difficult, the condition with activation poor performance, our country smashs about what just face tire and activation technology gave height to take seriously, state committee of science and technology refines useless tire smash the research of equipment and research of application of technology of glue pink activation included a country 85 science and technology tackle key problem plan.

    Below the organization of bureau of mass of science and technology of inland trade ministry, tackle key problem more through 4 years, by Shenyang day the tire that collect abundant reclaims use center and company of group of Shenyang aircraft industry, Liaoning to save Shenyang reclaimed rubber the useless tire that total factory develops jointly is refined smash equipment has been in batch of factory of the 3rd machine tool produces Shenyang; Application of technology of activation of pink of useless tire glue and research also combine city of university, Guangzhou by Sichuan renewable resources uses institute and university of Beijing chemical industry to be finished jointly.

    The function of tire disintegrator and characteristic come nearly a few years, how to flake the tread glue of tire efficiently from useless old tire come down and smash appropriate at use glue noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, this is concerned branch and the problem that the enterprise pays close attention to all the time. Come off from useless old balata pink of the film that come down, micelle, glue is a kind of vulcanized rubber, be about to make its get second birth is used, must satisfy micelle fine, the requirement of facilitating to decoke, and Shenyang day collects abundant tire to reclaim use center and Shenyang machine tool the ideal equipment that the disintegrator of the 2nd acting tire that 3 factories develop jointly gets used to this one requirement just about.