Floatation machine a complete set of produces measure to not allow to ignore

  • Floatation machine a complete set of produces measure to not allow to ignore

    In the production of a complete set of of floatation machine, the process is numerous and complicated is complex, but each pace also is very important. Among them a few measure always can be ignored by operation personnel, be not paid close attention to so, actually these are very important, we cannot be ignored, want comprehensive attention to rise, ability accomplishs the integrality that machine of floatation of a complete set of produces. This includes gas and mineral surface effect among them is to have alternative, affect to mineral surface among them bigger is oxygen. The effect that still has oxygen is advantageous to the preliminary hydrophoby of vulcanization mine, but if the time of action passes,grow, can make mineral surface changes a hydrophily.

    But when aeriform adsorption condition is proper, can cause the hydrophoby of mineral surface, adding floatation agent circumstance to fall even but floatation (for example dry coal fines) . And the initial effect that galena also passes oxygen only, ability and yellow medicine produce effect and rise. And when mineral and broken show new face, receive effect of water happening to hydrate, expression is close water. But arrive when aeriform adsorption when mineral surface, can weaken to hydrate action, cause the preliminary hydrophoby of new face. Mineral to hydrophily in work of floatation machine technology, besides the blame ion such as use starch, dextrin high polymer, often use solution to leave model high polymer organic compound, for example Chan Ning, lignin, cellulose.
    They are in the adsorptive property of mineral surface, depend on mineral sort and high polymer property, still give priority to with electrostatic appeal and hydrogenous key, produce chemical adsorption possibly also, for example Chan Ning kind calcic magnesian mineral watch waits in calcite, dolomite and undertake chemical adsorption. Make mineral surface more close as a result of the adsorption of colloid of these hydrophily high polymer water, although mineral surface is sucked beforehand with catch receive a dose, also can be masked by the macromolecule of hydrophily and screen catchs the scanty water function that controls an agent.