The gigantic your work that floatation craft and crusher have in this craft is used

  • The gigantic your work that floatation craft and crusher have in this craft is used

    The gigantic your work that floatation craft and crusher have in this craft is used

    Understand next floatation technology above all:

    Floatation machine technology basically is used at choosing to fasten the copper, zinc, lead, nickel, nonferrous metal such as gold, also can use at black metal to mix metalloid thick choose and handpick. Floatation is comfortable reach imperceptible bead stock at handling granule, reclaim hard with method of other mineral separation the imperceptible mine bead that is less than 10μm, also can use floatation law processing. A few special processing extremely the floatation technology of granule, the granuality floor level that can reclaim is lower, exceed fine floatation and ionic floatation technology to be able to reclaim to arrive from colloid grain the of all kinds material that assumes element, ionic position.

    Place of floatation of a complete set of configures equipment to be commonly:

    Crusher of thick gnathic type, strike back type crusher (or broken machine of fine another name for Hubei province) , the electron shakes the main facility such as machine of barrel of feeder, ball mill, grader, mix, floatation, thickener and dryer, cooperate to promote conveyer of machine, leather belt to be able to form complete mineral separation product line. This product line has efficient, feebleminded, treating capacity tall, economy is sound wait for an advantage.

    Floatation flow paragraph:

    Paragraph of number of flow of floatation machine floatation it is to show in floatation process ore course grinds mine - floatation, grind mine again - again the level number of floatation. If pass the floatation after grinding mine, any floatation child need not be ground again, still call a paragraph of flow that grind float. If say child of a certain floatation needs to grind reelection mine again, wear float circuit for two paragraphs. The rest may be deduced by analogy, can have multistage the flow that grind float. If choose the ore before fastening,grind mine continuously through two paragraphs and choose through only do not circulate, can call two grind choose flow. Flow paragraph number basically depends on the be contaminated of valuable mineral is characteristic. In principle can be used according to the type of a few kinds of be contaminated of ore choose accordingly fasten paragraph of number.

    And the work that should do before floatation is broken, the device that uses mainly is mixed for gnathic type crusher strike back type crusher () of crusher of fine gnathic style. In floatation process, broken it is the first work that should do, decide what work ever since to begin directly. Only broken when granuality size control is even, ability makes go out when crocus makings reach floatation granuality level, average size should be controlled between 0.006mm-0.2mm, sulfide except. Visible, gnathic type crusher and turn over checkmate to remove precondition in floatation craft.

    Gnathic type crusher