Strike back crusher is the edge tool of finely job

  • Strike back crusher is a kind of commonly used machine equipment in mine machinery, its use wallop to undertake broken, can handle granuality to not be more than 500 millimeter, compressive strength does not exceed all sorts of stock of 360 million handkerchief, this equipment applies to hard rock broken, efficient and energy-saving, product figure shows cube, the platoon expects granuality size is adjustable, have broken than big, broken efficiency is tall, maintenance is convenient wait for a characteristic.

    When striking back crusher is working, stone falls into the dial that high speed rotates directly by machine upside; Below the action that leaves mental efforts in high speed, in rotary table with umbrella means billabong with another part the slungshot all around produces high speed collision to smash, stone is after mutual blow, can form the mutual blow that eddy current moves and causes for many times between rotary table and housing again, attrition, smash, from bottom direct eduction, form closed circuit for many times to circulate, by sizing device control reachs the size of a requirement.

    Turn over those who attack crusher to safeguard with maintain besides undertaking with working hind when the job, also want to do painstaking examination work before the machine works formally, its specific content includes:

    1, case of bedspring degree of tightness is normal.

    2, departmental screw close solid is bounteous.

    3, moving circumstance (sensation and noise) normal.

    4, the movement such as oil pump, oily annulus is normal, vitta whether block.

    5, each bit more satiny oil measures situation, appropriate.

    6, departmental bearing temperature should not exceed 50-60 to spend.

    7, the mutual collaboration seat between thrust board and prop up mat is normal, whether to tilt with string move.

    8, the request has interstitial place to whether have attrition idea (use position of axis of another name for Hubei province especially) .

    9, state of the bear of electric machinery, temperature rise, sound.

    10, funnel whether block, quantity giving mine whether deflection a side.

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