The requirement of SBM stone product line to crusher

  • The requirement of SBM stone product line to crusher

    Limited company of equipment of SBM mine machinery pursues stone product line tens of year, rely on banner technology, product quality is reliable, detect method perfect, after service is seasonable, get user reliance greatly. Share the experience of the construction of spot of stone product line with old SBM, about the requirement of stone product line to crusher. Crusher equipment seeks advice and order a hot line: 021-58386699 or 400-696-1899

    The character of raw material
    The hardness of raw material, grading, clay content and water content are very important parameter. Different raw material should choose different broken screening machinery. When the hardness of raw material is bigger, crusher of general choice gnathic type, conic crusher as primary crusher; When raw material hardness is lesser, can choose strike back crusher serves as primary crusher. The grading of raw material also will affect overall parameter, the rock that produces to blowing up from quarry, should according to petrosal the largest size chooses primary crusher; To raw material of layer of arenaceous clip pebble, answer to choose primary crusher according to grading curve, should configure sift minute of machinery beforehand; Be like the clay content in raw material, when water content is higher, lv of take an examination uses technological process of exercise of wet and broken, screening. As a whole, the productivity of the technological process that wants the granuality choice device according to raw material and each part, want to choose the form of thick breaking equipment according to the hardness of raw material.
    The quality of the product asks
    The quality of the product has the appearance of the grading of granuality, product, grain to wait, in different project, ask to the quality of the product also each are not identical, the treatment quality of the product and broken machine and pull current Cheng are concerned. When product granuality is lesser, of broken sizing device always broken bigger than be being compared, the bead class of the product is more, equipment is more sophisticated. Arrive to get sometimes the clastic rock of a variety of grade, the screening mechanism that can set an independence only will classification. In a lot of projects, clastic rock expects medium dust content shoulds not be too tall, these dust are harmful to the quality of concrete. When dust content exceeds bid, be about to increase to clean working procedure together.
    Productivity is parameter of a of broken sizing device vital technology. Productivity asks to include two content, it is the productivity of granuality norms product, the another productivity that is overall product. Actual to the project for, the productivity of product of norms of every kinds of granuality is more significant. It is so when the productivity of certain equipment, answer to consider the effective demand of the project above all.