Smash methodological existence is worn very big drawback

  • Alternative broken academic stock smashs the project is developing ceaselessly all the time. But, its basic job principle still stays in crunch to cleavage concussion is abrade go up with the more primitive technique such as cut. These smash traditionally the method is existing very big drawback, when limit of broken compressive strength is the stock of Lv, perhaps need very tall specific power consumption, essential perhaps cannot broken. Broken process is done not have alternative, when broken and polyphase stock, the photograph of most stock was not solved completely to leave, and stock smashs too, make a lot of useful component irretrievable ground caustic lose. In addition, should pass paragraph of many task ability implementation smashs, uses device is very heavy, need giant and solid base. Already some about broken reach smash the theory of process regularity is to build in all pledge on hypostatic and classical mechanical base. People strive forms new student surface with ground of utmost of unit specific power consumption, considering stock among them is actually by different and phasic composition. Contemporary solid physical strength learns to study a proof, real strength and academic photograph compare solid low two or more quantitative class, because the micro-crack of the existence in solid brings about in-house stress to center,this is. 1% what crackle can make object intensity falls to be worth for theory, and Bo Shen's crackle can make object intensity falls even for one thou h. Outside dividing micro-crack, mineral interior still is existing a fault, have all sorts of as different as adscititious load direction slip vector. What the broken force of different way is helpful for stock is broken, and before break the broken muscularity in wearing device is single way more. Solid is broken the process is multistage, it begins from place of the defective in crystal lattice, of the drawback that has causing local stress centralized according to order gather, initiative micro-crack is formed, round cleavage of specific place brilliant is compact the gender is destroyed, the development of initiative micro-crack is combined, until form the masterstroke great flaw that defeats, solid burst becomes a few parts. Reasonable organization is broken the process should try to undertake according to afore-mentioned order, create optimal condition for every phase. According to the requirement, organizing alternative solution to leave the first requirement of the process should be the blemish of accumulative between particle crystal lattice, just calculate the micro-crack of round brim of preferential development brilliant below this kind of condition only. This kind of essential potential condition below most circumstance is formed naturally already. The blemish of mineral crystal lattice is decided by rock cause of formation. Magma disequilibrium solidify causes a large number of different types the generation of blemish of mineral crystal structure.