The advantage of crusher of coal jaw type

  • The advantage of crusher of coal jaw type

    Expand ceaselessly as mine industry, the use of coal cliff stock increases substantially, natural coal cliff stock already was rare lack resource, already used stock of much man-made coal cliff at present, coal user is very strict to the requirement of product granuality, and exclusive the crusher of coal gnathic type with coal broken cliff, it is production in coal cliff process necessary equipment, this equipment is had broken smoother than big, movement, instrument cannot compare other crusher, will see the advantage of crusher of coal gnathic type below.

    Improve coal quality

    Coal is in washing treatment process, must use crusher of coal gnathic type to undertake smashing effectively to coal, the monomer solution that is the same as coal with waste rock of utmost ground implementation leaves, raise the area comparing a list of raw material, improve coal quality, the harmful material such as the sulfur in eliminate coal, phosphor, reduce the pollution that coal causes to atmosphere when combustion, improve coal quality.

    Reduce cost

    Coal smashs too in broken process, not only the waste that creates resource, affect the economic benefits of coal company, and moisture of the fine coal after can making choose increases, pressure of all of slime water system increases, real yield reduces reelect cleaned coal. And in using crusher of coal gnathic type to be able to reduce broken process smash too, reduce fine coal to process charge.

    Applied range is wide

    Crusher of coal gnathic type uses as commonly smash gangue is gone to in coal miserable, perhaps smash coal makes the living with, can smash gangue, shaly, coal, slag, cindery wait for stock; And use at tile factory to smash cindery, slag, shaly, the raw material such as gangue serves as additive or inside fuel is used.