Crusher of SBM gnathic type and the action in striking back type crusher is built in road

  • Crusher of SBM gnathic type and the action in striking back type crusher is built in road

    In tall iron construction, arenaceous stone aggregate is most the foundation also is the raw material with the widest application, the demand of high quality arenaceous stone aggregate also increases by degrees as construction year after year of Gao Tie, because the market of this arenaceous stone aggregate also will greet prosperous period, also mix for gnathic type crusher secondhand at the same time strike back type crusher was offerred once in a blue moon development good luck.

    Strike back type crusher appears at gnathic type crusher relatively want evening, but development is splitting, because its have distinct broken effect,basically be. Strike back type crusher is broken than very big, of general crusher broken than the biggest do not exceed 10, and strike back of type crusher broken than be 30~40 commonly; Broken efficiency is tall, electric energy is used up low; Product granuality is even, smash too the phenomenon is little; Adaptability is big, in striking back of OK and broken brittleness, fiber mixes type crusher hard the following ore, special agree with of the brittleness ore such as limestone broken, so, cement and chemical industry are used strike back type crusher is very appropriate; Strike back bulk of type crusher equipment small, weight is light, the structure is simple, maintenance is convenient.

    Shop front stone has the figure such as a stone and slabstone, had better use beauty of colour and lustre, figure the stone material with even, compact structure. Stone of requirement shop front has good treatment performance with stone material, without cranny, intensity is best 1000KG/CM3, wear-resisting leads M 0.25G/CM2, bibulous rate 0.7% , 25% what intensity of the losing after freezing is not more than primary strength, can bear 25 times freeze a loop. The dimension of shop front stone is not less than 600*600*300mm commonly, soft qualitative or horniness stone material is applicable.

    When building road, need uses the stone of all sorts of norms, the appearance of stone and piece spent bulk is in road by its the position that in building, uses is decided. Shop front stone, slabstone is road is built use most stone.

    SBM technology personnel introduces: Strike back type crusher is a kind of common breaking equipment in clastic rock product line, constant with gnathic type crusher, make the collocation such as arenaceous machine use, those who realize all sorts of pair of ore is medium broken.